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I immediately trusted Shay with our planning of our trip to Disney over the Christmas break!
She walked me through what needed to be planned before and handled all our dining and fast pass booking on the days they needed to be booked. Our guide, Brittany, was spectacular! So sweet and adept at navigating us through the crowds and making sure we rode everything!!! Can’t highly recommend them more!

Disney Tours VIP is an amazing company.  Our extended family of 13 used their services for 4 of our 6 days in Orlando during high season this past summer, and I can’t even imagine visiting Disney’s theme parks or Universal without them.  Our group consisted of 3 6-yr olds, 2 11-yr olds, 1 13-yr old, and 7 adults ranging in age from 38 to 70.  It is absolutely not conceivable that we could have enjoyed our trip even 1/2 as much without the services of this remarkable company.

Our tour guides all 4 days were Gabby and Kristen, and they quite literally and immediately became part of our family.  You would think that with our group covering such a large range of ages and interests, that there would have been pulling in different directions while seeing the parks.  And you would be wrong. Everyone just wanted to always be with Gabby and Kristen, as they guided us onto every ride and attraction that everyone wanted to see, no lines, no waits for our VIP seating in the shows – I still don’t understand how they do it.

This is an absolutely awesome company.  From you first phone contact to the day you sadly say good-bye to your guide, this is a 1st class, one of a kind, experience.  I feel as though I’m so enthusiastic about this company, someone might think I’ve got a connection to them other than as a customer.  I am simply a most satisfied customer.  If a Disney World experience with no waits in line, VIP show seats, no rushing around, and all reservations made for you, is what you want, use this company.  I strongly recommend Disney Tours VIP.

This tour company was top notch and exceeded all of our expectations for a fun filled day at Universal. Lenee our tour guide was amazing and knew every in and out of the park. They designed a perfect agenda for the day taking our kids ages and interests into consideration. We will never forget the memories made today and must thank World class VIP. We can’t wait to use their services again!!!!!

We had such a great experience with World Class VIP! Kristen picked the perfect itinerary for our family. My 5 year old and 7 year old can’t stop talking about her and their time together. There wasn’t a single moment of stress at any of the parks. No waits. Felt like every minute was well thought out but not rushed. I can’t recommend them enough!

Best way to enjoy a family experience at the parks. Vip guides have a ninja-like ability to navigate the lines and shows to maximize your enjoyment. Worth every penny. This is a home run for families with a mix of kids ages. The younger kids who want to pass on a ride can hang with the guide while older kids go. We’ve used VIP twice in the past couple years and would do it again. We loved Brittany our guide most recently! Everyone was so nice and helpful even for reservations and activities we had planned that did not include a guide. The whole company works to make your vacation awesome.

Hard to sum up in only a few words, but this was everything and more.  I thoroughly researched a number of options and I am so thankful that I did my due diligence. The reviews on this site are 100% accurate.  When we return to Disney again soon, World Class VIP will be the very first call I make.  We were at MK during one of the busiest times of the year (Easter) and we thought we were the only ones in the park.

Yes, we were able to go on all the rides we wanted to and visit all the characters…but it was much more than that.  From simply just navigating around the park in an efficient manner to holding our place inline to making sure our valuables were protected, we were treated truly as VIPs throughout the entire day. Our guide Johnny was the ultimate professional as well.  While we only used him on one day at MK, both he and World Class VIP ensured our ENTIRE trip to Disney was amazing – helping us with our FP selections at other parks and creating mini game plans to maximize our time.  If you are on the fence at all, don’t hesitate….you will be glad you did.

If you are considering Disney World or Universal, you should DEFINITELY call World Class VIP Tours!! I can’t even begin to explain how awesome they were!!! We had been at Disney 4 days on our own (family of 6) and had only averaged 4 rides/attractions per day. We were all exhausted & frustrated over spending so much money, but getting to do so little. On our last 2 days in Orlando we used World Class VIP…and oh my gosh!!! We were AMAZED at their service!! Did 15 rides/attractions at Magic Kingdom and, I might add, this was on a VERY busy spring break day! The 2nd day with them, we did Universal, and were able to do 17 rides in a 6 hour period, including being whisked to the front of the line for all the Harry Potter rides!! It was truly wonderful & worth every cent!!!

Lenée & Shay were so wonderful, easygoing & a joy to be around! They did a superb job of balancing everything everyone wanted to do…which is quite impressive since I have teenagers as well as a preschooler!!! 😉
I just can not recommend this company enough!! All of us (2 families, 11 people total) were absolutely thrilled with our experience!! Use them, it’s the only way to TRULY have a relaxing time at Disney or Universal!!!

We really enjoyed this service. Kristin met us at the park early & we seen everything we wanted to see without waiting in lines or spending half the day just trying to find the attractions. We are recommending this service to all of our friends visiting Disney.

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