SeaWorld has been making a big come back over the last decade. They have been adding new attractions for families to enjoy all centered around their fabulous aquatic themes. They have made their seasonal event more entertaining and added free beer to the roster for adult park goers. There are some great new SeaWorld attractions on the roster for 2019.

Of the SeaWorld attractions, the most anticipated for 2019 is the addition of Sesame Street. Sesame Street has taken the place of Shamu’s Happy Harbor. It will be modeled after the SeaWorld owned Sesame Place in Philadelphia. The area will resemble the cherished children’s show with live characters, shows, and other entertainment.

Sesame Street is planned to be a destination maker of all of the SeaWorld attractions that they have today. Unlike other SeaWorld attractions, the land will be fully themed like you just walked into the television and on to the actual Sesame Street show. You will even be able to visit Mr. Hopper’s grocery and see Oscar in his trash can. Other SeaWorld attractions planned around Sesame Street land are a daily parade and meet and greets with the characters.

New Ride Based SeaWorld Attractions for 2019

Next year there are going to be six new rides based SeaWorld attractions added for kids of all ages to enjoy. Most of these new rides will be located in the new six-acre Sesame Street land, they are:

● Abby’s Flower Tower
● Cookie Drop
● Super Grover’s Box Car Derby
● Big Bird’s Twirl ‘n Whirl
● Elmo’s Choo Choo Train
● Slimey’s Slider
● KareKare Curl

All but the last on the list of SeaWorld attractions will be located in the new Sesame Street land. The new KareKare Curl slide will be located in the Aquatica water park; this slide is planned to be similar in design to the Colossal Curl found at Water Country.

In addition to the new Sesame Street land, other SeaWorld attractions include expanded festivals that will be occurring multiple times a month. They will have larger and longer foodie festivals, beer festivals, and the Electric Ocean festival.

The opening of Sesame Street land as one of the upcoming SeaWorld attractions for 2019 will likely draw in large crowds. To get the most out of new SeaWorld attractions and be one of the first to them you should either know the park well or hire someone that knows the lay of the land to save you the headache of dealing with large crowds.

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