A hippo during a Animal Kingdom VIP tour

Whether it’s family pets, exotic creatures, or even creepy-crawlies, people are absolutely fascinated by animals. Just take a quick look on the internet and you’ll literally find millions of pictures and videos of lions, tigers, lizards, snakes, birds, and other animals. Experiencing animals in the real world is much better than watching them online. That’s why an Animal Kingdom VIP Tour is such a wonderful addition to any Florida vacation. If you’re searching for the perfect adventure for your spouse, children, or the entire family, an Orlando Animal Kingdom VIP tour is the best option for you.

Plenty to Explore for Kids of All Ages

There’s never a shortage of fun when you make an Animal Kingdom Tour part of your vacation. The park is divided into seven different areas, each of which features its own unique collection of attractions. There’s Discovery Island with It’s Tough to be a Bug and Discovery Island Trails, the world of Africa featuring its own safari, and the Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail. Visit Dinoland U.S.A. where you can explore fossils, take a roller coaster ride through time, and so much more.

Entertainment and Education Go Hand-in-Hand

The tour guides who accompany you on the Animal Kingdom VIP Tour understand the importance of making your tour as stress-free as possible. These guides have accumulated a lot of knowledge about Animal Kingdom, so they know how to navigate through the park. They also know the best times to visit each attraction to reduce waiting times. Whether you’re interested in giraffes, monkeys, lemurs, anteaters, Komodo dragons, or even tarantulas, our tour guides will ensure you experience all of your favorite wildlife. Not only will your family love the park itself, but they’re likely to learn something new from an Animal Kingdom VIP Tour along the way.

Become a Wilderness Explorer

While you’re enjoying the sights and sounds that the Animal Kingdom Tour has to offer, why not become a Wilderness Explorer? This interactive adventure allows you to complete challenges and earn badges as you and your family make their way around the park. This is done at your own pace, which means you have plenty of time to watch the animals frolic, learn about their habitats, and earn plenty of badges. This aspect of the Animal Kingdom VIP Tour is perfect for children, but many adults love to join in on the fun, too.

Build Your Own Adventure

There are many great things about the Animal Kingdom VIP Tour. What many visitors love best is the way in which their own exciting adventure can be customized to meet their needs. Your tour guide will work with you to decide the best course to take through the park. They will ensure that you and your family get to experience everything you came to see – and more!

World Class VIP tours provide fun and entertainment for the entire family. If you are searching for a vacation destination, reach out to World Class VIP and schedule your adventure today.


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