Experience an Animal Kingdom Christmas this year!

If you turn into a party animal during this festive time of the year, you will enjoy this holiday season to the fullest at Animal Kingdom! You can go all out this Christmas and book yourself a Magic Kingdom VIP tour!

All things are set to make visitors’ Christmas the most memorable one and impress them with amazing Animal Kingdom Christmas attractions. To join in the celebration, you should visit Disney and these attractions will undoubtedly amaze you.

We are listing our top Animal Kingdom Christmas attractions you will get to see this year.

Santa Claus Festive Flotilla

Yes, Santa Claus had to get his own special flotilla. You can see Santa Claus sailing down the Discovery River at the Animal Kingdom. The flotilla is decorated to resemble a sleigh. The art featured is similar to the Merry Menagerie show, which happened last year.

The back of the flotilla is covered with pinwheels and icy-colored fabric, and Santa waves to the guests sitting in front of the flotilla. Classic holiday soundtracks can be heard as Santa sails down cheerfully.

Donald’s Dino-Bash Festive Flotilla

You’ll also see Scrooge McDuck, Daisy Duck, and Donald traversing through the Discovery River. Their flotilla is also decorated to match the spirits of the celebration. Dressed in their best holiday costumes, they wave to enthusiastic visitors from a safe distance.

Animal Kingdom usually lags behind the other Disney parks; however, this year, such festive flotillas add to the merrymaking, making the celebration a notch better. You can also join the gala along with Donald and his friends.

Mickey and Friends Festive Flotilla

Of course, this had to be on our list of favorites. You can see Mickey and his chums grooving on their holiday safari. Mickey is accompanied by Minnie and Pluto, reminding us that on the auspicious occasion of Christmas, families come closer, and all the grudges are forgotten and forgiven.

Careful observers will notice that Mickey is now sporting a bright red shirt instead of his khaki ones. He is also wearing a matching tie and a hat garland. On the other hand, Minnie can be seen wearing a beautiful scarf and Pluto carrying a red and green bow. All three have made efforts to add festive twists to their outfits.

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