What are our favorite parts of Avatar’s Pandora at Disney World?

As everyone knows, the Avatar movie was a huge success at the box office – and since James Cameron is planning to give us three more movies in the franchise starting at the end of this year, things will only get better. It’s been five years since Pandora – The World of Avatar was completed at Disney World and it’s always been a fan favorite. This amazing area is truly something to behold for adults and kids of all ages.

Our Favorite Parts of Avatar and Pandora at Disney World

Whether you’ve visited Pandora at Disney World in the past or haven’t gotten the chance yet, this is an experience that no one should miss. There’s much to explore in this amazing recreation of the Na’vi’s planet, and we’ve picked out some of our favorite parts:

The Valley of Mo’ara

Step into the Valley of Mo’ara and you’ll be truly impressed by what the Disney Imagineers were able to accomplish. From exotic plants and floating mountains to waterfalls and Na’vi totems, this is as close to the world of Avatar as you’ll ever be able to get. Some of the landscape is interactive, such as the flaska reclinata, which can be regrown with the touch of your hand.

Flight of Passage

Perhaps the most famous of attractions in this part of Disney World is the Avatar Flight of Passage ride. This amazing and breathtaking ride emulates the bonding of a mountain banshee that was a huge part of the movie’s plot. Wait times are typically very long for this ride, so we suggest that you use FastPass+ whenever it’s available.

Na’vi River Journey

The Na’vi River Journey is much more than a boat ride – it’s a true adventure. From beginning to end, you’ll be treated with the beauty and magic of Pandora at every turn, including bioluminescent caves and plants you’ll never forget. This attraction was designed with families in mind, which means there are no scary parts, sudden turns, or alarming drops.


Before we get into the snacks and drinks that you can find in Pandora at Disney World, we’d like to mention two spots where you can purchase some souvenirs. Both Windtraders and The Rookery offer a variety of items including Na’vi cultural artifacts, science kits, character toys, apparel, and more. One of the best selections is the electronic banshee toy that will delight kids of all ages.

Satu’li Canteen

Just like every other part of the park, Pandora at Disney World features unique foods and beverages for you to try. The Satu’li Canteen is a quick serve restaurant that includes a large variety of items such as cheeseburgers, protein bowls, salads, vegetarian options, and specialty drinks. It’s perfect for any time of the day, but we’d suggest that you order through the My Disney Experience app to make it easier.

Pongu Pongu

In the language of the Na’vi, pongu pongu means “party party” – and that’s exactly the feel they’re able to achieve. It’s home to a fan favorite called the Pongu Lumpia, which is a snack filled with cream cheese and pineapple. There are also several different types of frozen drinks to choose from, with an option to add a bit of alcohol for the adults. But no matter your age, we suggest you try the Night Blossom frozen drink, which mixes together the flavors of limeade, apple, pear, and passion fruit.


If you’ve seen the Avatar movie – and we’re sure you have – then you probably remember that bioluminescence was a huge part of Pandora’s landscape. The Disney imagineers have made that a big part of this experience as well. Each night, the flora and fauna in the Avatar area lights up in the most beautiful, immersive way. If you visit the area during the day, at least make sure that you stop by once the sun starts dipping below the horizon to see the amazing bioluminescent plants.

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