If you have never been on a World Class VIP tour of Disney, you are missing one of the best Disney VIP tours out there. When you go with World Class VIP, you are guaranteed to have the time of your life enjoying the Dinsey parks in Orlando, Florida. Here are some reasons why World Class VIP gives the best Disney VIP tours.

No Waiting, No Hassle

The World Class VIP tour guides make World Class VIP the best Disney VIP tours because they are specially trained to navigate through the Disney parks efficiently. They know their way around the crowds, where all of the great snack spots and they even know how to get you to the closest restroom quickly. Your World Class VIP tour guide will program your FastPasses, so there is very little waiting in line. The World Class VIP tour guides will even watch your phones and items for you while you enjoy an attraction.

Best Seats in the House

When you tell World Class VIP, the best Disney VIP tours, that you want to take in a show or make reservations at a restaurant, we will be sure that you have the seats that you want. Just let us know when you plan your trip with us, and we will make sure you get in to see what you would like. If you decide there is an activity that you need tickets for during the day of your visit. Let your tour guide know, and they will take care of it while you continue to enjoy your day at the park.

Friendly Service

The World Class VIP tour guides and representatives are indeed what makes these the best Disney VIP tours around. People rave about how their tour guide brought them coffee at the front gate. There is another story about a girl that wanted to attend the princess brunch but the family could not book a table. Their World Class VIP tour guide pulled a few strings and got the family into the brunch and the day was saved.

If you are thinking about booking one of the best Disney VIP tours, visit our website today. We can’t wait to help you plan the ultimate Disney vacation experience.


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