What are the best sandals or footwear to wear when visiting Disney World.

If you are thinking about taking your family to Disney World this summer, you’re not alone. The summer months are the peak season for Disney World visits, when more than 20,000 per day go to visit the Magic Kingdom.

If you are planning to visit with Mickey Mouse this summer, you will need the best sandals for Disney World possible. Not sure what the best sandals for Disney World are? Here’s a guide to good shoes to wear to Disney World, and guidance on what shoes not to wear.

Why Should I Worry About My Footwear at Disney World?

The entire Disney World complex in Central Florida is 27,000 acres. The parks themselves are between 450 acres and 950 acres in size. Walt Disney World itself is over 100 acres of theme park, and on average, people walk a long distance each day–about 20,000 steps, or 10 miles daily. That’s a lot of walking, and you will need the best sandals for Disney World to make it through.

If you don’t have a great pair of shoes to wear, you are going to do a lot of walking with foot pain, blisters, and painful arches. No one wants that. You will need a great pair of shoes to make it through your vacation.

Best Sandals for Disney World: What to Wear

First, you should know that flip-flops and sandals are perfect shoes at Disney to wear. Nearly all of the rides at Disney World do not require closed-toe shoes. However, before you invest in some adorable flip-flops, you need to keep in mind that there is a strap between your toes, which may chafe your feet over time and distance when you’re walking around Disney Springs or on a water ride.

If you do like flip flops, one of the best sandals for Disney World is the Skechers Go Walk Pizzaz Flip Flops.

They have rubber soles perfect for a long day or long days of walking. Another great feature of these shoes is they have arch support, which you’ll need for all those steps you’re taking through the resort.

Not so crazy about flip-flops? We can highly recommend other sandals as great shoes for Disney World. Many men and women love Teva, Keen, or Chacos to wear to the Magic Kingdom, especially when you are planning a visit to the Disney water parks. Both Teva and Chacos offer sandals that dry quickly no matter how many splashes or sprays you run through during the day.

What Not to Wear to Visit Disney World

Not a fan of sandals? No worries. Many bloggers think tennis shoes can be good shoes to wear to the Disney theme parks. There are many kinds of tennis shoes you may want to try.

Skechers makes great tennis shoes for women and men designed for hours of walking.

Also, many people recommend Asics gel insole tennis shoes for women and men because of the gel comfort, which many people need after walking 10 miles in a day. Gel insoles help to cushion your feet, which means they may not be so tired after your Disney day is done.

However, tennis shoes can be problematic when you are visiting the Magic Kingdom. If you are going to wear tennis shoes, you may want to bring two pairs, especially if you are planning to visit the water rides. Once tennis shoes get wet, they can be uncomfortable to wear and can cause blisters, which you don’t need on your Disney World trip. You may also want to wear socks that wick away sweat and moisture as well, to protect your feet from sweating under the brutal Central Florida sunshine.

Tennis shoes can be very restrictive for your feet. All feet are larger at the end of the day than they are first thing in the morning because your feet swell during the day. Some people only experience minor swelling, but others experience major foot swelling, especially after walking for miles. If you know that your feet swell, tennis shoes are not an option for you because the swelling will make your feet very sore and uncomfortable as the day wears on.

Crocs May Not Be the Best Idea at Disney World

Crocs are a mixed bag for many Disney World visitors. Some Disney goers swear by Crocs, primarily because they are less restrictive than tennis shoes and may work great for people with excessive foot swelling when they walk. Even if you love your Crocs, they are a safety issue.

Many people trip while wearing Crocs, either when they are getting on rides, or when they are exiting a ride, because Crocs are normally loose. Crocs are also not recommended for children who are walking around Disney either, because they are loose and can cause tripping.

You also don’t want to wear shoes that are excessively heavy, such as hiking boots. While hiking boots are great for long distances because they are sturdy, they aren’t great for Disney walking because they can be heavy and can add to foot swelling and discomfort. Also, many pairs of hiking boots are not waterproof, which will only add to the weight of the shoes and foot discomfort.

Where Should I Look for More Disney World Advice?

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