The best time to visit Disney Springs!

If you are planning a vacation to destress and relax, Walt Disney World has tons to offer to put a smile on your face. With all the changes that have occurred due to the pandemic, the idea of traveling may not be as familiar to you. Fortunately, now that restrictions are slowly easing, tourist destinations are starting to resume operations, with Disney World being one of them. Included in the theme park’s phased reopening is Disney Springs, your one-stop destination for entertainment and shopping.

Knowing the best time to visit Disney Springs can help you plan your trip more effectively. While hopping around the many Disney parks is undoubtedly fun, walking all day and waiting in line for rides can also get tiring. There will come a time when you may want to stop and take a break. You will likely not run out of things to do in the theme park alone, but if you are looking for something more laid back, Disney Springs is the perfect destination.

Previously known as Downtown Disney, Disney Springs is the shopping and entertainment complex in the Walt Disney World resort. It has been undergoing several improvements over the years, so if you have not been there in a while, you may be surprised at all the transformations. Get to know more about the best time to visit Disney Springs and some tips for your trip to ensure you get the best possible experience.

Best Time to Visit Disney Springs

If you are looking for the best time to visit Disney Springs, the answer may be subjective, depending on your preferences when shopping and dining or touring. Temperatures may vary throughout the year, but you can expect the weather to be hot for half the year and slightly cooler in the other half. June, July, and August are said to be the hottest months, with temperatures reaching 93 degrees F.

October, November, and December, on the other hand, have the lowest probability of rain. However, as always, it is best to check the weather forecast while planning your trip to ensure you get a more accurate prediction. February tends to be the busiest month, whereas November is the least crowded. If you can free up time in the latter month, you may be able to get lower rates due to the demand.

During winter, which runs from December to February, you can expect the crowds to be highest in Disney World. The weather is cooler at this time, with temperatures of 71.6°F to 78.8°F, so it will certainly be refreshing for many tourists. Fall, on the other hand, is the slowest season. While you can avoid large crowds at this time, the chances for rain are much higher, so you must be cautious about your plans. Overall, the best time to visit Disney Springs would be anywhere between October to April, where the weather is perfect for strolling around and exploring various places.

Health and Safety Guidelines

Before looking into Disney Springs tours, it will be handy to learn about the health and safety guidelines set in place to ensure you have a smooth experience. All the new policies may sound overwhelming at first, so knowing them in advance can help you prepare for your trip and not run into problems.

Management has created appropriate physical barriers to ensure to comply with social distancing rules. Face coverings will be required for all guests ages three and up, and you must wear this at all times, except when you are dining. Before entering, your temperature will be checked with a no-contact thermometer. Additionally, hand sanitizing stations are placed in various entry and exit points to help you keep your hands clean at all times.

While the changes may take some time to get used to, you need not worry as you will see signs throughout the complex to help you out. The walkways also have arrows to give you proper directions and ensure you find your way.

Tips for Your Trip to Disney Springs

The next time you go to the amazing shopping complex, you want to make sure you make the most out of your trip. From visiting the best dining locations to staying in Disney’s Saratoga Springs resort, here are some tips to take note of for your next visit.

Pack for the Weather

While shops and restaurants may have an overhead roof to protect you from the weather, the majority of areas in Disney Springs is unshaded. Thus, it is crucial to pack for the weather and prepare you for any external elements. Make sure to have an umbrella or poncho in case it rains, and pack some sunblock, sunglasses, and a hat to stay shaded from the sun.

Make Reservations in Restaurants

To ensure you get the VIP Experience, make sure you book reservations in some of Disney Spring’s most famous restaurants. These include Morimoto Asia, Planet Hollywood, The Boathouse, and many others. Disney has an advanced dining reservation system to make the process easier. If your desired time is unavailable, you can check out Open Table, where additional reservation times are sometimes offered.

Stop by World of Disney

While there are tons of places to explore in the large complex, one of the places that you should not miss out on is the World of Disney store. The shop in Disney Springs is known to be the largest World of Disney in the world, so you will surely find a ton of souvenirs and gifts to bring home from your trip. No need to worry about getting lost on your way to the store since the large Stitch character above the entrance makes it easy to spot!

Enjoy the Entertainment Options

If you need a break from the festivities in the theme park, there is no better place to go than Disney Springs. Fortunately, the center is filled with tons of entertainment options to keep you busy. Relax and watch a movie in the AMC theater, take a photo with the Coca-Cola Polar Bear, watch some street performers on the West Side, or get immersed in a hyper-reality experience in the Void.

Set a Budget

Going to Disney Springs can be a crazy and fun experience, but with all the stores found in the complex, it can also be tempting to shop until you drop! While there is nothing wrong with some retail therapy from time to time, it is still important to set a budget to ensure you do not overspend. Try to monitor your expenses and keep them in line with your budget, and you will likely not encounter any problems.

Get Souvenirs

While budgeting is a must when shopping in Disney’s entertainment mecca, you should still not miss out on the chance to get some limited-edition souvenirs. Some of the merchandise sold in Disney Springs’ stores cannot be found elsewhere in Disney World, so if you find something you like, consider getting it as a memoir for your trip! Naturally, make sure you still stick to your budget, but also allow yourself to pick something up.

Park Near Your Last Spot

When choosing a parking location, make sure to park somewhere near your last spot. Regardless of what you have planned for the day, you will likely be tired after roaming around and going through various entertainment options and stores. At the end of your tour, you may not have the energy to walk far to get to your vehicle, so by parking near your last spot; you can easily find your car.

Avoid Over Planning

It may sound unusual not to over plan, especially if you want to get the best possible trip. However, if you have ever been to Disney Springs before, you would know that one of the best parts of the experience would be shopping and dining on a whim. Even if you plan out every aspect of your day, you may find yourself deviating at one point because the best way to enjoy the place is really to make decisions as you go!

Recommended Stops and Activities in Disney Springs

If it is your first time going to Disney’s famous shopping complex, here are some recommended stops and activities to include in your plan:


What better way to cap off your day than by spending your evening dining in Paddlefish to indulge in some of the most delicious seafood? This modern restaurant is located aboard a steamboat and offers three floors of dining spaces and outdoor terraces.

To get the full experience, try to get seats on the rooftop to get a waterfront view. Watch the beautiful sunset and tune in to the live entertainment every Friday and Saturday from 7:00 to 10:00 PM. While the restaurant’s price point is on the higher side, it is the perfect place to visit if you are in the mood for a treat.

LEGO Store

The LEGO store is the perfect shopping stop for all the kids and kids at heart! Immerse yourself in a toy haven with the selection of LEGO kits or build your own with personally selected pieces. Even if you do not buy anything, it will still be a fun experience altogether.

Marketplace Co-op

Marketplace Co-op is the ultimate shopping destination with apparel, home décor, accessories, and art pieces from various brands. It is truly a shopper’s paradise as you will find anything and everything all in one store, so if you are up for some intense shopping, make sure to stop by.

Live Performances

Disney Springs is festive from the moment it opens its doors up until the closing time, so no matter where you are at any time of the day, you get to join in the fun. Watch the live musicians and performers like knife jugglers in front of Starbuck and dance and choir groups on the Marketplace Stage. If you want to take it up a notch, you can also enjoy the performances in the House of Blues or Cirque du Soleil.


While walking around the entertainment complex, you may have noticed a giant painted balloon floating. If the idea intrigues you, then you will be happy to know that you can ride on and have an 8-minute balloon flight like no other. Aerophile is surely an unforgettable experience and one for the books.

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