When should you plan to visit SeaWorld?

SeaWorld Orlando is a fun and adventurous maritime park that you can visit for half a day or the whole day in Florida. The theme park offers a range of rides and attractions, up-close experiences with animals, and various shows and presentations to lift your spirits up. However, with everything that has happened due to the pandemic, you may be uncertain about the best time to visit SeaWorld or all the changes that have been made since all the quarantines and lockdowns began.

If you want to visit SeaWorld soon, the good news is that the Orlando park has reopened its doors to welcome guests with enhanced safety and health measures in place. Since the park is operating at a limited capacity to avoid congestion, all guests must purchase their tickets online to reserve their slots. To help you in planning your trip for this year, check out the information below to learn about the best time to visit SeaWorld, the new changes to expect after the park’s reopening, and many others.

Best Time to Visit SeaWorld in 2021

2020 has been a challenging and uncertain year, with many having to put a halt on their plans. Thus, if this year is your chance to visit SeaWorld Orlando after some cancelled plans, it helps to learn more about the park’s crowd calendar. Similar to other tourist areas, crowds are highest during summer, December, and holidays. Late January to February is often the best time to visit SeaWorld since the cool weather and small crowd can help you enjoy the activities and attractions more.

While SeaWorld Orlando may be your main stop, you can also add in a trip to Discovery Cove or Busch Gardens since you are already in the area. Similar to SeaWorld, the two parks also have peak crowds during the summer. However, since all the parks are operating with limited capacities, it is likely that you will not have to face large crowds even in the summer.

Additionally, SeaWorld hosts several park events each year, so you can also match your trip to the event schedules. For example, the Seven Seas Food Festival will be held every Friday, Saturday, Sunday starting May 5. Other events to look forward to include the Electric Ocean, Craft Beer Festival, Sesame Street Kids’ Weekend, and more.

 SeaWorld Tours and Quick Queue

While planning your trip to SeaWorld Orlando, you may be curious about the tours and activities you can check out. If you are interested in trying out attractions like the Wild Arctic, Journey to Atlantis, Kraken, Mako, or Infinity Falls, you can consider getting a quick queue at SeaWorld to skip the line on your favorite attractions to save time.

Booking a SeaWorld VIP Tour allows you to get up-close encounters with sea animals like dolphins, sea lions, sharks, killer whales, while learning more about them. Additionally, you can even book a behind-the-scenes tour to see how sharks and penguins are taken care of in the theme park.

Tips When Visiting SeaWorld Orlando

Aside from scheduling your trip at the best time to visit SeaWorld, here are some other tips that can help make your experience smoother and more memorable:

Arrive early. Maximize your time by arriving around 30 minutes or an hour before the park opens. This way, you have the whole day ahead of you to explore the attractions, attend your tours, and enjoy all the sights that you encounter.

Purchase an all-day dining deal. If you plan to stay in SeaWorld for the whole day, you can save money by getting the all-day dining deal. This promotion allows you to visit a participating restaurant once every hour, wherein you can get one entree and one side or dessert to go with it. With this, you no longer have to worry about food at any time of the day.

Experience SeaWorld with a World Class VIP Tour

Get up and close with your favorite marine animals and experience SeaWorld and all its beauty with a VIP tour tailored to your needs. Contact World Class VIP today at (407) 236-1098 to book a tour package today. We aim to eliminate all the hassle in planning a vacation by creating customized itineraries to help you tick off your whole bucket list of activities and stops.


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