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How do you find and meet your favorite characters at Disney World?

Think of Disney and we bet all sorts of different characters immediately spring to mind. From characters they’ve created themselves over the years to those that they’ve acquired, there are hundreds and hundreds of incredible men, women, animals, creatures, and even robots.

Many of your favorite characters can be found throughout the many areas of Disney World. How can you find your favorite Disney characters for meet-and-greets? How do you make the most of them?

Let us give you a few tips for Disney character meet and greets:

Dozens of Disney World Characters

With many hundreds of characters in Disney’s portfolio, it should come as no surprise you’ll find at least a few dozen at any given time throughout the park. In fact, we’d bet good money it would be nearly impossible for someone to see every single character on any given day. That being said, our Disney VIP tour guides can help you find all of your favorites, so be sure to ask.

Tell Your Kids Many Characters Don’t Talk

Something that often seems to surprise children, especially the very young ones, is that many of the characters found at Disney World don’t talk. The basic rule of thumb is that men and women who are dressed up as a character will typically be able to converse with visitors while those with full-body costumes cannot. Be sure that your kids understand this distinction so that they’re not disappointed or believe that they’re being singled out.

Tour Guides Know the Best Strategies

Finding your favorite Disney World characters can sometimes be a little tricky because not all of them remain in the same spot throughout the day. If you sign up for a Disney VIP tour, you’ll be provided with your own personal guide who will know when to visit certain areas. If there are characters you absolutely don’t want to miss, they can help strategize your day so that you can efficiently see those characters as you make your way from one attraction to the next.

Character Dining is a Great Idea

There’s nothing quite like enjoying a meal with some of your favorite Disney World characters. There are actually more than 30 different Disney character meet-and-greets that involve dining, whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, or all three. Some of the more popular ones include Cinderella’s Royal Table, Ohana Polynesian Restaurant, Tusker House Restaurant, and Hollywood & Vine. These character dining experiences will allow your child to enjoy a fantastic meal with their favorite characters and even get their autographs.

Make Reservations Far in Advance

As you can imagine, Disney World meet-and-greets that involve dining are extremely popular. It isn’t unusual for some of these to be filled up months in advance. If you’re planning a future trip to Disney World, be sure to make your character dining reservations right away. World Class VIP tour guides can help you with this, including making Disney hotel reservations at resorts that feature character dining, too.

Always Exercise Character Etiquette

Whether your Disney character meet-and-greets take place as part of a dining experience or while you’re making your way around the park, it’s important that you maintain proper etiquette at all times. Basically, make sure that your child waits for his or her turn and that nothing inappropriate occurs, such as tugging on their costume we’re taking more than a reasonable amount of time with the character. Kids are always excited to see their favorite characters but explain to them that they should always be polite.

Contact World Class VIP for an Exciting Disney Adventure

The Disney VIP tour guides at World Class VIP can help you skip long lines, make hotel reservations, program your FastPasses, discover great food, schedule Disney character meet-and-greets, and other perks. Call our team at (407) 236-1098 to receive a private VIP Disney tour quote.


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