Spring Break is a wonderful opportunity to spend time with family or friends and take a well-deserved vacation that will allow you to get away from the pressures of everyday life. There are tons of exciting things to do across the country, but there’s nothing quite like visiting Disney during Spring Break.

Anywhere you go that attracts families during the busy seasons will be more occupied than other times of the year. To get the most out of heading to Disney during Spring Break, we suggest that you follow these simple tips:

Make Disney Hotel Reservations Early

Since Disney during Spring Break can be quite busy, which means that Disney resorts can fill up more quickly than you might be accustomed to. You’ll want to make reservations as far in advance as you possible so that you’re not scrambling to find a room. It’s a great way to set your mind at ease right away.

Plan a Full Itinerary

The fact that the crowds are likely to be bigger because of so many kids being out of school and other factors, you definitely want to plan far in advance. To get the most out of Disney during Spring Break, create a detailed itinerary before your arrival in Orlando. List the attractions you definitely don’t want to miss. Be sure to make it flexible, just in case you need to make adjustments.

Don’t Forget to Pack the Right Clothes

Springtime is a beautiful time of year and you definitely want to pack accordingly. In all likelihood, visiting Disney during Spring Break will feature gorgeous weather that allows you to wear shorts and a t-shirt. However, since there is a possibility of spring showers, so you should check the upcoming weather forecast and plan for that, too.

Take Advantage of a Private Disney VIP Tour

The best way to enjoy Disney during Spring Break is to utilize a private VIP tour guide. By handing much of your theme park plans over to professional tour guides, you can streamline your visit by saving time that you would have normally spent standing in line. Guides also assist with hotel reservations made just for you, personalized dinner reservations, and much more.

Arrive at the Park Early

Once the big day has arrived, you definitely want to arrive early at the designated theme park. Remember, the crowds at Disney during Spring Break are likely to be busier than other times of the year, so the gate and attraction lines will fill up very quickly. Even if you have to wait at the front gate, it’s always best to be at the front of the crowd so that you can get a head start on all your activities.

Be Sure to Use Fastpass+

While it isn’t absolutely essential to take advantage of Fastpass+ when you visit Disney during Spring Break, you’ll definitely get more out of it. Fastpass+ allows you to make reservations for a few of the rides throughout the day, so that you can hold your spot on the busier rides while enjoying some of the others. This alone will make your visit much more enjoyable.

Contact Disney World VIP Tours For More Tips About Visiting Disney During Spring Break

If you want to visit Disney during Spring Break, then you should definitely take advantage of Disney World VIP tours from World Class VIP. Our private tour guides at World Class VIP Tours will help plan your schedule, book Disney hotel reservations, skip the lines, and much more. Give us a call at (407) 810-9500 to schedule your tour today.


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