If you and your family are planning a trip to Disney in Orlando, consider hiring a Disney VIP tour service. In Orlando, the crowds, the expansive layouts of the parks, and the intricacies of how and when to use fast passes can present a number of problems to most travelers.

When you hire a Disney VIP tour service for your trip to Orlando, all of these issues and more are taken care of for you. Simply give an outline of your specific interests and they will plan the entire day to best fit the desires and needs of your group.

Using a Disney VIP tour service will not only ensure that your day is planned out, but your family will not be waiting in long lines to see attractions. Reservations for events will be made for you. You will always have the best seats for the parades, shows, and other events that are important to you and your family. Our Tour guides know where the best snack stands and the closest bathrooms are for those last minute urgent needs children often have.

If you are like most families traveling to Disney, you want to see and do everything that you possibly can in the shortest amount of time. A Disney VIP tour service in Orlando can do just that.

If you are planning a vacation to Disney and want to have a full experience with as little hassle as possible, then working with World Class VIP is the best possible choice you could do for yourself and your family. Disney won’t be the boss of you and you will still love each other when you arrive back home!


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