Collect Disney World pins when you visit the park in Orlando!

If there is one thing, we all love doing while on vacation, it’s collecting souvenirs. Yes, we all love those handy little items that don’t occupy much space in our travel bags and make for a great reminder of our visit.

When it comes to Disney, collectibles are a must-have! Disney World is a dream destination for kids and adults alike, so there should be some fantastic memorabilia to collect. One thing that makes a great souvenir are Disney World Pins. Collecting and even trading these pins is a fun activity we all enjoy.

Trading Disney pins

Trading Disney World pins has become a tradition for visitors at Disney World. It’s an interactive activity wherein the guests trade Disney pins with the cast members and other Disney guests. Trading Disney World pins is a great way to bring home fun Disney memories and allows you to make many “pin pals.” So, keep your eyes on cast members wearing pin lanyards on your next Disney VIP tour.

Rules for trading

  • The pins must be in good shape.
  • Never touch the Disney pins on cast members’ lanyards. Simply point to the one you want.
  • Pins must have “©Disney” on the back. This is the sign of their authenticity.
  • Disney World pins’ trading is free.
  • Award and service pins, as well as personalized pins, are not to be traded.

Famous Disney pins

Below are some of the most famous Disney World pins that you should collect on your Disney VIP Tour. You can buy them from the vendors or kiosks spread throughout the park.

Holiday pins: As the name implies, you get these during the holiday season. Christmas pins are the most popular. However, there are others that you can collect on occasions such as New Years and Secretaries Day.

Transportation pins: Bus pins, boat pins, and train pins are the most famous Disney pins. You can also collect the ones with famous Disney monorail. These include Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Daisy Duck, Tinker Bell, and other iconic Disney characters. Then there are other Disney World pins, such as the complete set of Railroad Pocket Watch pins.

Resort Pins: While on a Disney VIP tour, you can get your hands on many resort pins. Some resorts give away Disney pins on their opening days.

Rarest Disney World pins

When something is unique, its value increases. This is the case with some Disney pins. The degree of rarity is set by when the pins were released and what edition size they were included within.

Ariel on a Carousel: “The Little Mermaid” was once Disney’s most popular movie. Disney released some Disney World pins featuring the characters from the film shortly after its release in theaters. There were only 100 units made of the most expensive version of this pin.

Maleficent Dragon’s Gate: Amongst the most famous villains, Maleficent tops the list. Themed after the movie, Guy Vasilovich made the limited edition of this pin.

Alice in Wonderland: The collectibles based on this movie are the most sought after. Created by Elizabeth Gomes, the limited edition of this Disney pin is valued at $4000!

Steamboat Willie: This one’s a classic! This very “vintage” pin, with a diamond underneath, is exclusively for the cast members who have served Disney for 50 years.

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