Since its inception, SeaWorld has proven itself to be one of the most popular theme parks in Orlando. In addition to all of the saltwater and freshwater animals to be found there, they also have amazing shows and special events that adults and children alike absolutely love.

If you’ve never visited SeaWorld to enjoy its Electric Ocean extravaganza, then it’s definitely something that you should put on your to-do list. Although it would be impossible to truly capture the experience in mere words, we’re going to provide some highlights that should give you a general idea of why this is something that you definitely want to experience in person.

Thrilling Nighttime Event

If you’ve never experienced SeaWorld at night, then the Electric Ocean event is definitely something you don’t want to miss. Here, you’ll be treated with the colors of the ocean as fireworks and fountains come to life in a thrilling presentation that you and your family will love. Once the presentation is complete, you may never look at the sea in the same way again – and we wouldn’t blame you one bit.

Light Up the Night With the Electric Ocean

Shamu Stadium has always been a fan favorite and the Electric Ocean spotlights exactly why people love it so much. This is where you’ll find the Shamu Celebration: Light Up the Night, which is a high-energy celebration complete with an incredible performance by SeaWorld’s beautiful orcas, colorful backdrops, and original music.

Touch the Sky

Although most people consider SeaWorld to be an ocean-only theme park, it is actually home to many types of tropical birds, as well. This is why the Electric Ocean has created a new show called Touch the Sky, which will allow you to enjoy animals from both above and below. Watch as gorgeous macaws fly above the graceful dolphins and so much more. This new edition to the celebration will surely delight and excite fans from around the world.

Seal Lions Tonite

No visit to SeaWorld would be complete without everyone’s favorite sea lions, Clyde and Seamore. This duo has been a part of the park for several years and their show has become an absolute can’t-miss event for many SeaWorld fans. The Electric Ocean features a gloriously hilarious show that will have you and your children in stitches as these two fantastic creatures are paired with a mime to take you on a parodied journey through the park.


Remember when you were a kid and you were absolutely overjoyed whenever you got to blow bubbles around the house? The Electric Ocean event takes this several steps further by presenting experts in the world of bubble artistry as they create sea animals and underwater features that you probably never thought of as a child. You will be absolutely amazed at what is possible when true artists spend years perfecting their craft.

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