When should you plan to visit the Epcot Center in Orlando?

Although Disney World and its adjoining parks are closed right now because of the ongoing coronavirus situation, it won’t be long before the area is back up and running. This means that individuals and families from across the nation and around the world will be planning their next vacation to the area very soon.

The Epcot Center in Orlando is a perfect destination for people who want to experience multiple cultures in a single area. Since the park is such an incredible hotspot of activity, let’s take a look at a few of the best times to visit so that you can begin planning your trip right now.

When Disney World Reopens

Although a date hasn’t been set for the reopening of any closed theme parks, it will definitely be happening soon enough. Once the Disney World Epcot Center been reopened, you can bet that safety precautions will be heightened to ensure everyone stays healthy. Many people may be hesitant to visit right away or will still be adjusting to their normal routine again, so there’s a great chance crowds will remain relatively low for a while.

Visit Epcot Center in Orlando During the Summer Season

The Disney World Epcot Center in Orlando really shines during the warmer months because families have decided to make this their summer vacation destination. If you don’t mind visiting with a large crowd, then the summer season is a fantastic time to plan a trip. With so many people around, especially kids, you can practically feel the joy and excitement in the air. Plus, if you want to enjoy the atmosphere without standing in line so much, you can opt for a Disney VIP tour for you and your family.

When You’ve Decided on a VIP Tour

If you’ve been looking forward to signing up for an Epcot VIP tour, then this is the perfect time for you to visit the park. Disney VIP tour guides will assist you with planning your itinerary, reducing the time spent in line, programming your FastPasses, finding your favorite characters, discovering new dining experiences, booking Disney hotel reservations, keeping your personal belongings safe, getting photos of the park, and more.

Between Halloween and Christmas

Even after Epcot has been reopened, it may take a while for the park to flourish again. But even so, if history stays true, then the time following the Halloween celebration until approximately two weeks prior to Christmas, the crowds won’t be as heavy as other times of the year. Although there’s no guarantee, there may be even less people during this time in 2020 than normal because of the current situation that could make some would-be visitors more hesitant.

During Halloween or Christmas

Two of the biggest celebrations at Epcot occur during Halloween and Christmas. The decorations during these two holidays are absolutely phenomenal and you can find a variety of holiday-inspired food, too. Since the beginning of 2020 hasn’t allowed families to celebrate at the park for the early-year events, it’s a safe bet that crowds will be lively during these later holidays and the atmosphere will be delightful.

Any Day of the Year, to Be Honest

Who says you need any specific event or time of the year to visit the Disney World Epcot Center in Orlando? Even when a big event isn’t happening, there’s plenty of opportunity to experience rides, shopping, food, and so much more. Epcot is such a unique place, even in the arena of theme parks, that it absolutely must be experienced to truly understand. Whether you choose to attend in the summer, during a holiday, or even in the off-season, the trip will be amazing.

Contact World Class VIP for a Fantastic Epcot Excursion

The private tour guides at World Class VIP will give you a true VIP experience when visiting the Epcot Center in Orlando. If you’d like to learn more or are ready to sign up today, give us a call at (407) 236-1098 for a private VIP Disney tour quote.


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