Infinity Falls is one of the most interesting attractions at SeaWorld.

As most people are aware, SeaWorld is full of adventure, excitement, and a huge assortment of sea creatures. Whereas in the past, the only real attractions aside from the animals themselves that existed at the park were shows and presentations that featured some of the most popular of these ocean-dwelling creatures, now they have even more to offer, such as Infinity Falls.

Today, we’re going to go over a few facts about this exciting adventure and how to get the most out of your overall trip to SeaWorld.

Get Ready for a Fantastic River Ride

Infinity Falls is a fantastic water ride that takes you around flowing fountains, amazing geysers, and breathtaking waterfalls. Along with your fellow craft mates, you will explore tropical, ruins-themed surroundings as you weave and bob on the water. Then, you will soar through incredible rapids before plunging down a tall drop into gorgeous whitewater. Hang on tight and be ready for the adventure of a lifetime at Infinity Falls.

Be Aware of the Specific Details about Infinity Falls

It is impossible to describe the exhilarating feeling that you get from the Infinity Falls river ride, but what we can tell you are the details involved with the attraction itself. Infinity Falls includes 1520 feet of track, 14 different rafts, 8 separate adventures, and a 40-foot drop. Just remember that the minimum height for this ride is 42 inches, which means younger kids will need to sit this one out.

Remember That You’ll Be Getting Wet

Whenever you visit SeaWorld, there’s always a chance that you may get wet at some point. In the killer whale show, for instance, there’s actually a Splash Zone for those who would like to either get wet or avoid it. With Infinity Falls, you are absolutely going to get wet. However, for a small fee, you can quickly fix that problem by using the facility’s powerful dryers.

Mobility-Impaired Guests Are Welcome

SeaWorld wants to ensure that everyone gets an opportunity to enjoy Infinity Falls and all the other attractions that are available at the park. For any guests who are mobility-impaired, simply ask an employee for assistance and they will accommodate your needs. This is just one more way that SeaWorld goes the extra mile at its theme parks.

Don’t Forget the Other Rides

As mentioned above, SeaWorld has quite a few attractions for you to enjoy while you’re at the park. Family fun awaits you in places like Journey to Atlantis, the Flamingo Paddle Boats, Elmo’s Choo Choo Train, and many others. So, as much fun as Infinity Falls will be for you and your group, be sure to enjoy everything that this amazing theme park has to offer.

Sign Up for a SeaWorld VIP Tour

The best way to experience Infinity Falls and everything else at the park has to offer is by signing up for a SeaWorld VIP tour. Whenever you embark on a VIP experience, VIP tour guides will assist you with planning your day, skipping lines, making Disney hotel reservations, giving you suggestions on dining opportunities, and much more. Any time that you would like to deviate from your itinerary, then all you need to do is ask.

World Class VIP Tours Will Enhance Your Infinity Falls Experience

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