Is Disney World Available to Guests on Christmas Day?

When you think about it, Christmas and Disney World may not seem like a natural fit. After all, Mickey Mouse is a cartoon character. Despite these differences, Disney World is open on Christmas Day every year. Many people take advantage of this day off from work to visit the theme park on their holiday break.

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party is a special ticketed event at the Magic Kingdom held between November and December. The party starts at 7 p.m., but you can enter the park as early as 4 p.m. Part of your ticket includes park access until 1 a.m.

You can stay in the park for as long as you want to enjoy all the festivities going on (and it will be open until 2 a.m.)

The event includes:

  • Character meet-and-greets with Disney characters dressed in their Christmas finest
  • Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmastime Parade, featuring Santa Claus’s sleigh pulled by his reindeer companions through Fantasyland and Main Street USA before stopping at Town Square Theater, where Santa shares his holiday wishes with guests from atop his throne.
  • Holiday Wishes fireworks display, which includes songs like “Let It Go” (Disney’s Frozen) and “White Winter Hymnal” (Fleet Foxes).

Disney World Loves the Holiday Season!

Disney is a theme park that is located in Orlando, Florida and has four theme parks:

  • Magic Kingdom Park
  • Epcot Center
  • Disney’s Hollywood Studios
  • Animal Kingdom
  • The park has many rides and attractions open every day throughout the year (except January 1). There are some unique events at Walt Disney World Resort each year. These include Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, held on select nights between September and November from 7 p.m. until midnight.
  • Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party is held on select nights between November and December, from 7 p.m. until midnight.
  • New Year’s Eve Fireworks Celebration, as well as Easter Egg Hunt activities for children ages 3–12 years old every Saturday morning between April and August at 9 a.m.
  • Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend, which can be found both online and at various locations throughout Central Florida.

Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival, where visitors can buy flower seeds to plant in their gardens after attending this annual event held in March and April.

The Food & Wine Festival takes place over three weeks during October, when people all over Central Florida can sample food items, including wines from around the world, while listening to music played by bands playing live shows all day long.

Disney VIP Tours

Have you ever wanted to be a VIP? Well, now you can. With a Disney VIP Tour from World Class VIP, your experience will be like no other. You’ll walk alongside experienced Disney VIP tour guides that know the layout of each park well.

Sit back and relax while a tour guide takes care of all the planning so that all you have to do is show up and enjoy the magic!

If you’re looking for a Christmas present for someone special in your life, or if it’s just something fun to do between now and next year’s Christmas Eve, this is an option worth considering.

Disney VIP Tour Guides

There are many ways to enjoy Disney World when it’s not open for general admission. With a VIP Tour Guide, you can visit the parks all year.

For example, the Epcot International Festival of the Holidays is an annual celebration that runs from November 18th through December 31st each year and features more than 100 days of music, food, and entertainment around World Showcase Lagoon.

It’s also fun to check out IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth because it’s one of the favorite things to do at Disney World in the evening. You’ll want your best photos with Santa (located in Town Square on Main Street, USA), but if he’s already booked up for Christmas Eve, don’t worry about it. He’ll be there again next year.

Your VIP Experience

If you’re looking for a special experience on Christmas Day, there are a few things that Disney World offers. For example, if you’re planning on attending the Christmas Day parade at Magic Kingdom Park, it can be helpful to arrive early and enjoy some of the festivities before the parade starts. The VIP Experience allows guests to do just that.

The Candlelight Processional held each year at Epcot is another opportunity for families to celebrate Christmas together in style without worrying about crowds or long lines—or even where they’ll park their car. For this event only (which begins around 5 p.m.), Disney buses will transport guests from each hotel area directly into Epcot’s World Showcase, where they proceed through security checks at no extra charge before being ushered into their assigned location within Future World.

Our Guides will Help You Arrive Ahead of Time

The world showcase is hard to miss. It’s a large building with three sections representing different cultures. If you want to get inside the building, you must pay an extra fee. The cast members will ask for your ticket before letting you in, so ensure it’s in hand before entering.

It is always good to arrive early in the morning to get into the park on Christmas Day without any problems. You may be able to get into the park without buying tickets ahead of time if there aren’t many people waiting in line outside yet (they usually open at 9 AM). However, this depends on how busy things are around town and how long it takes for everyone else who wants entrance into World Showcase Plaza before the opening time arrives.

If possible, try to get tickets ahead of time because there could be long lines later on during Christmas Day once everything gets started up again in the afternoon (when most people start coming out), which means longer waits until someone opens up those doors again.

Book Your Disney VIP Tour with World Class VIP!

Disney World is open on Christmas Day, and the parks will be busy. The best way to experience Disney World on Christmas Day is by booking a special event or a character meal. You can still enjoy the same rides at Magic Kingdom and Epcot, but they may have shorter lines than usual and will not have as many characters available. If you’re looking to spend Christmas with Mickey, Minnie, and all their friends, contact our Disney VIP tour guides today to get a free quote!


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