Whether you’re a first-time or regular Disney visitor, where you’ll be staying is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. There are dozens of Walt Disney World Resort hotels to choose from, but we strongly recommend choosing one of the Magic Kingdom hotels. Which hotel is ideal for you and your family depends on 3 things: budget, needs, and goals. Here’s how to decide which Walt Disney World hotel is right for you.

3 Key Considerations

Staying at one of the Disney hotels right in the heart of things guarantees fun and low-stress vacation. With its four theme parks, two water parks, a sports complex, and multiple golf courses, Walt Disney World resort is truly a mini city—with a mayor named Mickey!

In addition to the budget, which of the resort’s 33 hotels to stay in depends on several questions:

What’s your “park plan”?

Disney World is huge. You can save time commuting if you book a hotel near a particular park. While there are plenty of reasons to choose one place over another, convenience should be at the top of your list. If your family loves Fantasyland or wants to see the nightly fireworks at the Cinderella Castle, for example, one of the Magic Kingdom hotels would be ideal.

Will you be taking advantage of Disney dining at Magic Kingdom Hotels?

We highly recommend it. From the quick service eateries in Magic Kingdom hotels to fine dining at deluxe locations, knowing ahead of time where you’ll prefer to eat can make restaurant trips easier and grant you more time to enjoy the attractions.

Which theming bonuses and amenities mean the most to you?

For many families, quick access to the resort pool is a must-have. Each pool is incredible in its own right, but look for features like water slides, kiddie pools, and snack bars if that’s what your family enjoys. Themed bonuses cater to all ages. Teens love the Yacht Club and Disney Boardwalk, while younger children may enjoy the Art of Animation rooms.
Remember, it’s the little details that can make all the difference at Magic Kingdom hotels!

Resort Categories

There are four budget levels at Magic Kingdom hotels: value, moderate (including a campground), deluxe, and deluxe villas.

  • Value resorts are the most affordable and have the most exaggerated flair! These hotels may have smaller rooms, but they have everything your family needs including mini fridges, coffeemakers, themed pools, playgrounds, and food courts. You also get to enjoy many of the amenities offered at higher-end Magic Kingdom hotels including free transportation, early entry and late exit at the parks, and in-room treats.
  • Moderate hotels include restaurants and specific themes as well as bigger rooms and all the amenities offered at the value resorts.
  • Deluxe hotels and villas feature exquisite restaurants, group service, spas, and more.

Already have one or more specific hotels in mind? Our Disney hotel reservations service will give you a rundown of everything offered at the Magic Kingdom hotels and book your room accordingly.

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