What Is the Avengers Campus and Where Is It Located?

The Avengers Campus is located in Anaheim, California as part of the Disney California Adventure Park. This Marvel Cinematic Universe-themed area features two large attractions – Web Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure and Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission BREAKOUT! Kids love seeing the characters that are often walking around such as Iron Man, Spider-Man, The Hulk, Black Panther, Black Widow, Captain America, and others. There’s also Marvel-inspired food locations such as the Pym Test Kitchen and Shawarma Palace.

Why Doesn’t Disney World Have Its Own Marvel Area?

Since Disney now owns Marvel (and has for several years), you’d think that Disney World would have its own Avengers Campus or similar area. The reason why this isn’t the case is because of a pesky little thing known as contractual obligations.

Long before any fingers were snapped, Marvel made a deal with Universal Studios to build a Marvel-themed land. This contract stated that any Marvel characters being used by Universal cannot be used by Disney at any locations east of the Mississippi river. Since the Florida-based Disney World falls under that, their hands are tied.

Will Disney World Ever Be Able to Use Marvel Characters?

The short answer is, probably not anytime soon. The contract is very specific and appears to be ironclad. Part of the contract even stated that while locations west of the Mississippi River could use certain characters, the word “Marvel” is very limited, which is why it’s called Avengers Campus other than something like Marvel World. The contract was made in perpetuity, which means as long as Universal makes payments to Disney for the rights, the contract will stay as is.

Of course, Disney could someday offer to buy out Universal’s contract, but this probably won’t happen anytime soon. All that being said, Disneyland’s parks in Paris and Hong Kong are developing their own Avengers Campus because that’s not against the contract.

How a VIP Tour Can Give you a Superhero-Like Adventure

Although Disney World doesn’t include its own Avengers Campus, that doesn’t mean visitors can’t have their own superhero-inspired adventure. In fact, Disney VIP tours can make you and your family feel just like how Iron Man felt when he vanquished Thanos forever. Okay, maybe that’s a bit of hyperbole, but these VIP experience benefits are centered in the real world:

Find the Perfect Resort Hotel

Staying at a Disney World resort hotel is often an adventure of its own. Many have their own theme and you can find amenities arranging from character breakfasts to water slides. A Disney VIP tour company can help you navigate through the many hotel selections and find the resort that fits the needs of you and your family.

Create a Disney World Agenda

The best way to squeeze as much fun out of Disney World as humanly possible is to start off with an agenda. Before you even arrive to the park, a third-party Disney VIP tour company can work closely with you to figure out a basic agenda for the day. The tour guides will also help you tweak the agenda based on their own knowledge of the park so that you can get even more out of it.

Reduce Time Standing in Line

Standing in line is the absolute worst. No one likes to do it and we’re always trying to avoid lines whenever possible. Disney VIP tour guides know all the tips and tricks to reduce your time spent in line. This includes knowing the park like the back of their hand, being aware of which rides are the busiest and should be hit first, how to use virtual lines when they’re in operation, and other important strategies.

Navigate the Park More Easily

As mentioned above, Disney VIP tour guides know the Disney World map extremely well. This means they’ll be able to get you from one location to the next in the shortest amount of time. You won’t be standing around for 20 minutes looking at the map and pointing toward various landmarks to figure out where you need to go. Instead, just tell your tour guide and he or she will take you there.

Change the Plan As Needed

Yes, it’s a good idea that you start with a basic agenda for the day, but plans should always be subject to change. After all, once you get there, you might see something that you want to experience or eat right then. Or perhaps your kid gets really excited about seeing a certain character and it throws off the agenda. Your tour guide will always be ready to switch things up so that your Disney World adventure can be optimized.

Contact World Class VIP for a VIP Experience

Despite not having an Avengers Campus, Disney World is an absolutely fantastic adventure. The tour guides at World Class VIP can make it even better. If you have any questions or are ready to reserve a spot, reach out through call our staff at (407) 810-9500 today for a free private VIP Tour quote.


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