Learn about Space 220, Epcot’s Upcoming Restaurant!

Disney World loves to surprise and delight their guests, which is why they never remain stagnant in their offerings at the park. Every year, their amazing designers introduce new attractions and events, in addition to revamping and re-styling existing ones. As you might expect, 2020 is already gearing up to be an exciting year with the addition of a space-themed restaurant.

The design team at Disney has taken “to infinity and beyond” even farther by creating a restaurant called Space 220 in Epcot’s Future World area. Although some details are still a bit of a mystery, let’s explore what we do know about this exciting new Epcot restaurant that will dazzle space lovers and diners alike.

Part of Epcot’s Transformation

As briefly mentioned above, Disney World is always making changes to keep the theme park fresh and exciting. One of the biggest overhauls that the designers have committed themselves to in recent years is a multi-year transformation of Epcot. Once completed, Disney World Epcot will be divided into four areas: World Showcase, World Celebration, World Nature, and World Discovery. Space 220 is one of the exciting additions but you’ll be seeing over the next several years.

Opening (Tentatively) in Late 2020

As with all Disney World projects, a great deal of care and attention is being taken with the design and implementation of Space 220 restaurant. Disney originally slated the opening of this new Epcot restaurant for winter 2020, but that date isn’t guaranteed because they’re not going to open up the attraction until it’s perfect. The most recently rumored date is either the end of March or possibly April, but no official date has been announced by Disney.

An Out-of-This-World Adventure

Space 220 presents you with an interstellar adventure into outer space with breathtaking daytime and nighttime views of the Earth. As you are ushered from the entrance, you’ll be presented with viewports that give you glimpses of what’s about to come. You will then board a space elevator that will deliver you to 220 miles above our beautiful planet.

Full Outer Space Immersion

The goal of Space 220 restaurant is to make you truly believe that you’re having breakfast, lunch, or dinner aboard a real-life space station. This will begin with your space elevator ride, which will feature digital viewports into space as hinted at above. The view from space while you eat is accomplished with the use of a 250-foot screen that will simulate the view from a space station window. Plus, Disney says they’re also a “World of Produce,” but details on what exactly that will entail have not been announced yet.

Wonderful Food and Beverages

As with all dining experiences in the park, this new Disney World Epcot restaurant will be serving delicious meals. While no official menu has been announced yet, it has been described as modern American cuisine. What we do know is that Space 220 restaurant will include more than 1,000 types of wines and a large number of craft beers.

Dining While Enjoying a Private Tour

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