Epcot Virtual VIP Tours

World Class VIP Epcot VIP tours offer one of the most intensive educational experiences for the whole family. Here, you won’t find the usual “thrill” rides. Instead, you can take part in several boat rides, see a number of movies, or enjoy shows that will give you an overview of 11 different countries from around the world.

Your imagination will come alive at Epcot. You can explore the futuristic world through a variety of activities such as flying high on a hang-glide to famous places around the world, riding a rocket to Mars aboard a NASA-style shuttle simulator, taking a high-octane simulated drive in a virtual concept car, and more!

Undersea adventures await you in Epcot. Your kids will love seeing a tubular turtle up close behind a window, while a coral reef restaurant will leave everyone amazed by spectacular views of living coral reefs. Remember Nemo? You can even go on an adventure to find the ever-elusive clownfish.

Meet and Greets Around the World

Expand your knowledge through fun meet-and-greets tours at Epcot. Our virtual World Class VIP tour guides will guide you through different theme parks for an all-fantasy star experience. As you stroll around, you will transition from one country to the next, meeting your childhood tale heroes and heroines.

Snow White will be waiting for you in Germany, Donald Duck in Mexico, Mulan in China, Belle in France, Princess Jasmine in Mexico, Mary Poppins in the United Kingdom, among others. The kids are guaranteed to have the time of their lives during the meet-and-greet sessions.

Delicious Worldwide Cuisines

The Showcase is your chance to try different cuisines from around the world. Most countries have both counter and table service restaurants. Ever tried the sumptuous Italian bresaola? What about the tasty Japanese sukiyaki? Sample delicious treats from around the world in this Epcot VIP tour in Orlando.

Must-Attend Seasonal Events

How about attending real-time events in Epcot?

Epcot hosts dozens of seasonal events across the park every year. For example, there’s the International Festival of the Arts, which is a creative 6-weekend celebration of the visual, performing, and culinary arts. If you love the outdoors, don’t miss the Flower and Garden Festival. Contact us to know of the upcoming festivals in Epcot.

Thrilling, educating, and entertaining are three words that barely describe Epcot tours in Orlando.

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