Islands of Adventure VIP Tours

An epic adventure awaits you around every bend during the World Class VIP Islands of Adventure VIP tour. What could be more thrilling than partaking in daredevil flyers, roller coasters, and falls? This private VIP tour offers a thrill that you will never forget.

The Islands of Adventure comprise of uniquely themed islands with the most cutting-edge attractions, rides, and shows. Meet classic cartoon characters like Popeye, Dr. Seuss, the Grinch, and more. Your kids will love Spider-Man, Captain America, and a host of other Marvel superheroes. Make sure your camera battery is full as your favorite superheroes will be ready to strike a pose with you.

Amazing Fun for the Kids

Your kids are the VIPs of the World Class VIP Islands of Adventure VIP tour. Fun and games await them at Camp Jurassic where they can unleash their inner lizard. The recreation prehistoric playground features mysterious amber mines for the kids to explore. Other fun activities for them include negotiating swaying suspension bridges, playing on themed slides, and climbing dinosaur capture nets.

Our VIP guides will recommend the best attractions for your kids, including Jurassic Park Discovery Center, If I Ran the Zoo, and Me Ship the Olive.

Unlimited Entertainment

Time for some adrenaline-packed thrills at the Islands of Adventure. Fun games will keep you occupied at the Kingpin (aka, the Wilson Grant Fisk). Spar with the Kingpin at the arcade to see whether you can beat his machines. Thrilling shoot-em-ups, high-speed driving simulations, and other exciting video games will be yours to conquer.

Get a glimpse of the future with some psychic reads at Star Souls. The camp is usually full, but you can be sure of getting priority passes and skipping the lines thanks to our knowledgeable VIP private tour guides. No wasting time on the lines or getting overwhelmed in the vast theme park.

Shopping Galore!

You can’t say you’ve been to Islands of Adventure if you don’t have any souvenirs to show. The Island of Adventure private tour is an adventure-shopping trip for the whole family. There are so many sights to see and places to shop.

You will definitely want to stop by the Port of Entry Christmas Shoppe, Dinostore, Islands of Adventure Trading Company, Betty Boop Store, Toon Extra, and Spider-Man Shop. Carry loose change for some impulse buying for memorable souvenirs.

It’s easy to waste a good part of your day waiting on lines or lost in the Islands of Adventure Park. You can avoid this by using our World Class VIP private VIP tour guides.

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