How is COVID-19 changing the SeaWorld Spooktacular this year?

Millions of people love to celebrate Halloween every year by dressing up as their favorite visions of horror, whether that means ghouls and witches or Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees. In fact, as the years go by, Halloween celebrations get increasingly more elaborate as horror fans rally around the holiday for what many consider to be their favorite time of the season.

Theme parks are certainly not alone in the celebration of things that go bump in the night. Ever since the advent of the SeaWorld Spooktacular extravaganza, thousands upon thousands of guests have made their way to Florida every year to see just what the hubbub was all about.

In 2020, because of the coronavirus, the SeaWorld Halloween experience will be a bit different. Don’t worry – there’s plenty for visitors to enjoy, so we’re going to take a look at the park’s Halloween attractions and how to keep yourself safe during these exciting events.

Halloween Events You Can Expect This Year

The great news is that despite the current pandemic situation, the SeaWorld Spooktacular will still be awesome this year. Here are the highlights of this incredible event:

Trick-or-Treat Trail

Your kids will love the assorted candies found on our trick-or-treat trail, including favorites like Tootsie Rolls, Airheads, and Smarties. The trail goes in a single direction with limited capacity so that everyone can stay safe by social distancing.

Halloween Maze

The spooky and fun Halloween maze will surprise and delight kids and adults of all ages. It isn’t a difficult maze, but it’s just tricky enough to get children excited. As with the trick-or-treat trail, capacity will be limited so that you can abide by social distancing guidelines and stay safe.

Spooktacular Breakfast

Centered around young kids but enjoyed by all, Count Von Count’s Spooktacular Breakfast is filled with tasty morning delights and several Sesame Street characters. All safety guidelines, such as social distancing, protective food barriers, and cleanings between each meal, will be strictly followed.

Cookie Decorating

As you might expect, the cookie decorating feature is conducted with the help of Cookie Monster, and every safety consideration is made. Your children will love decorating the cookies almost as much as they’ll enjoy eating them.

Meet a Mermaid

Along the trick-or-treat trail, your kids will run into some friendly Halloween mermaids. The surprising encounters are sure to make boys and girls of every age even happier than they already are.

How Health and Safety Will Be Maintained

A big focus for the SeaWorld Spooktacular and the park, in general, is the health and safety of its guests. Here are the primary actions that are being taken during the pandemic:

Purchasing Bags

In addition to the standard safety precautions being taken while on the trick-or-treat trail, guests will need to purchase a reusable bag for the candy given to the kids. There are different types to choose from, each with its own unique design.

Temperature Checks

One of the telltale signs of the coronavirus is a raised temperature. All guests and employees will be checked using a contactless thermometer upon arrival to the park. if anyone has a temperature above 100.4° F, he or she will not be allowed to enter.

Social Distancing

As you can see from the events listed above, maintaining social distancing is a huge part of keeping people safe at SeaWorld and other theme parks. Throughout the rest of the park, you’ll find markers on the ground so that crowding together, and personal contact can be avoided.

Wearing Face Masks

Face masks have proven to be very effective in stopping the spread of COVID-19 because they prevent droplets from entering the air and reaching another person. Except when eating or drinking, every person must wear a face mask at all times. You can bring your own or purchase one at the park when you arrive.

Additional Cleanings

SeaWorld has always taken great pride in the cleanliness of their park but keeping areas clean is more important now than ever. Any surface that typically involves contact will be thoroughly cleaned on an increased basis, which will also prevent the virus from spreading.

Contact World Class VIP to Learn More about the SeaWorld Spooktacular

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