Going to Disney World is a great way to spend time with family.

If you’ve been thinking about spending time with family at Disney World, now may be the perfect opportunity since limited capacity has resulted in smaller crowds in most areas. It’s important that you make the most of your trip, so we’re going to share with you a few tips that will help make sure that happens.

Make Everyone Part of the Itinerary

Your Disney World family time can start long before you ever arrive at the park. As much as you can, try to include everyone in the planning stages. By taking everyone’s input, you can better decide which attractions or events are most important for those in your household. This itinerary can be altered at any time, of course, but it will give you a solid plan of action right off the bat.

Choose a Hotel with Kid Amenities

When you set out to book Disney hotel reservations, you’ll quickly realize that you have a ton of options available. These resorts are as far away from big name, cookie-cutter hotels than you could probably ever get. Each one has a different style, whether it’s one of luxury or something very casual. The best ones for families are those that focus on creating a fun, kid-friendly environment with features like themed rooms and/or water slides.

Plan Character Meet-and-Greets

Meeting their favorite character is often a highlight of a child’s Disney World adventure. Right now, since we’re still in the middle of a pandemic, character meet-and-greets will be handled a little differently in order to ensure health and safety. However, your little ones will still be able to say hello and have opportunities for a photo. You can also sign up for a character breakfast at select locations, but keep in mind that this may change at any time.

Sign Up for a Disney VIP Tour

Signing up with a Disney VIP tour makes spending time with family at Disney World a whole lot easier. The Disney VIP tour guides used by third-party companies can help you plan an itinerary, book a great hotel, discover new places to eat, find your favorite characters, and other such perks. Your trip will be customized to ensure that your family has an incredible time from beginning to end.

Spend Multiple Days at the Park

Even when a person has been at Disney World several times, they tend to forget just how incredibly big it is. There are so many things to do and see at this point that squeezing it all into a single day would be impossible. One choice you have, of course, is to only focus on your favorite attractions. If you want to make your family trip better, however, you should definitely consider staying for multiple days. You can save money by choosing a Disney vacation package that will include tickets, hotel reservations, and other features.

Go Over the Pandemic Guidelines

Spending time with family is definitely about fun, but it’s also about keeping everyone safe and sound. Since this is probably going to be your first trip to Disney World since the new rules were instigated, go over them with your family members. By now, your children are probably very aware of social distancing and the wearing of face masks, but you should also explain to them that some attractions or characters may have limited access available.

Take Pictures Everywhere You Can

People seem to share pictures of everything these days, but Disney World is definitely something special. There are so many fantastic photo opportunities throughout the park that you should always have your camera or phone ready to go. Take as many pictures of your children as possible and encourage them to take a few snapshots of their own. They’re also a Disney service available called that will provide you with professional photos throughout your visit.

Hire a Babysitter Through Kid’s Nite Out

Although your trip is all about family time, there may be times during your vacation that the adults will need to get away. Kids Nite out is a Disney-approved babysitting service that will come to your hotel room and spend time with your children while you go out for dinner or wherever else you’d like to go. You can also hire them to join you at the park, which is especially helpful if you have multiple kids.

Contact World Class VIP for a Disney World Family Funfest

Spending time with family at Disney World is a great way to enjoy your Florida vacation. World Class VIP can make it something special thanks to our incredibly detailed Disney VIP tour. Our guides will help you plan your trip, make hotel reservations, discover new restaurants, find photo opportunities, and a whole lot more. Give us a call at (407) 270-1781 to begin your VIP experience with a private Disney VIP tour quote.


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