Visit Star Wars Galactic Spectacular this Year!

The year was 1977 and a brash young director by the name of George Lucas decided that our lives were trite and boring, but absolutely deserving of something magical and, quite frankly, out of this world. Of course, that was the year when he introduced Star Wars to the movie-going public and the world has never been the same since.

Now, fans all over the world can visit Disney theme parks to enjoy the splendor of the Star Wars universe in all its glory. To help you truly enjoy your Disney World adventure, let’s take a look at how you can make the most of your Star Wars experience at Disney World in Orlando.

Be Ready for Tons of Star Wars Galactic Spectacular Fun

The Star Wars Galactic Spectacular has to be experienced to be believed. Like all of the Star Wars events and attractions at Disney World. This adventure whisks you away to the magical, wonderful world of Jedi, Stormtroopers, Darth Vader, and more. The addition of this incredible universe has really helped Disney World stand out, and the Star Wars Galactic Spectacular fits right in. We guarantee that you will love every minute of this galaxy very, very far away (just kidding… it’s in Florida)!

Choose Your Hotel Wisely

Although the Star Wars Galactic Spectacular is your obvious destination, where you decide to stay during your trip can highly influence the amount of fun that you end up having overall. Your hotel is not only the place where you get to rest up for your big day and relax once everything winds down, but this can also be the place where you take a break from the entertainment and even eat a hearty meal. The good news is that there are plenty of incredible Disney hotels to choose from, so feel free to take your pick.

Don’t Forget to Check the Weather Report

Regardless if you’re visiting Orlando for the Star Wars Galactic Spectacular or any other reason, it’s always a good idea to stay aware of what the weather is expected to look like, and to check it right before you leave. This is typically done so that you can be prepared in terms of what clothes to wear and other such things. But, with the Star Wars Galactic Spectacular, the event could end up being canceled if the weather is bad enough. There is a low chance of this happening, but it doesn’t hurt to check just in case.

Sign Up for A Disney VIP Tour

If you really want to make your Star Wars Galactic Spectacular memorable, then you should definitely sign up for a Disney VIP tour. These tours have been specially designed to allow you to get the most out of your vacation by assigning you your very own tour guide who can help you get benefits throughout the day. Your guide will help you strategize which events and attractions to hit, make Disney hotel reservations, assist you with skipping the long lines, find the best dining opportunities for you and your party, make sure that your valuables are secure and much more.

Contact World Class VIP to Make Your Galactic Spectacular Adventure Complete

World Class VIP can help ensure that your Star Wars galactic spectacular is the very best that it can be. Our well-trained, Disney VIP tour guides will help you plan your trip, make hotel reservations, locate the best dining opportunities, and much more. To receive a private VIP Disney tour quote and learn about how we can make your trip the best it can possibly be, give us a call at (407) 810-9500.


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