What are some of the must-see Star Wars-themed restaurants at Hollywood Studios?

When it comes to themed restaurants, you’ll be hard-pressed to find ones as spectacular as the ones at Disney World. From Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar to Oga’s Cantina, Disney’s attention to detail is in a league of its own. This is especially true in Galaxy’s Edge. If you want to check out a Star Wars restaurant, Hollywood Studios is the place to go!

Our Favorite Star Wars Restaurant – Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo

We know you’re excited to read all about Oga’s Cantina, but we would be remiss if we didn’t mention Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo first. Complete with a space shuttle parked on its roof, it’s the restaurant owned by Chef Strono “Cookie” Tuggs. He uses his hangar to not only bring in fresh produce, but to deliver equipment and provisions to incoming freighters in the Black Spire Outpost. 

As for the menu, it has a little bit of everything- from lighter, vegetarian options like the plant-based Felucian Kefta & Hummus Garden Spread, to heavy, meaty options such as the Smoked Kaadu Pork Ribs. 

The Pork Ribs tend to be a favorite among visitors, with their sweet, tangy barbecue sauce and melt-in-your-mouth meat. They also come with cabbage slaw and a blueberry corn muffin. In case you’re wondering, the blueberry corn muffin is very tasty. It’s definitely something you want to try at Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo.

Another thing that we like about the menu is that it includes several references to Endor. They have the Roasted Endorian Chicken Salad, featuring citrus-pomegranate vinaigrette and topped with a spiced yogurt drizzle. 

They also have a couple dishes called Tip Yip, which is an adorable nod to the language that the Ewoks speak. But don’t worry, they won’t start playing Yub Nub over the loudspeakers. 

The Milk Stand

Another must-try is the Milk Stand. Run by the Bubo Wamba Family Farm, the main offering at the stand is, of course, the famed blue and green milk. They’re both non-dairy, and are made with a combination of rice powder and coconut milk. They have a slightly tangy, fruity taste. 

Most people either love them or hate them. Luckily, they come in alcoholic versions as well. While they’re perfect for making milk mustaches and taking pictures, there are many that are put off by the fruity, Pepto Bismol flavor. You’ll have to drink at your own risk.

Kat Saka’s Kettle

If you’re still thirsty, there are many other options in Galaxy’s Edge. You can even pick up your favorite soda in a round bottle shaped like a thermal detonator! With this item, you can both save the galaxy and quench your thirst at the same time. What’s not to love? 

What Kat Saka’s is known for, however, is their unique and delicious space popcorn. Their Outpost Mix Popcorn is a tasty blend of sweet and savory, with a little bit of a fruity flavor, a little bit of spice, and, of course, a spoonful of sugar.

If you’re looking for the classic, salty, buttery popcorn, you can also order the Galaxy Green Popcorn. It looks very cool, and tastes just like the popcorn you would get at the movies! 

Ronto Roasters

The last place worthy of note before we get to the Cantina is Ronto Roasters. Roomy and spacious, Ronto Roasters has everything you would want in a Star Wars restaurant. Hollywood Studios spared no expense, and created displays that include a droid roasting meat over a spit, and even space fish hanging from the ceiling! 

The story behind this restaurant involves Bakkar and his droid, 8D-J8, who turned an old pod-racing engine into the perfect spit to roast meat on. They feed travelers from near and far when they stop by Batuu.

Here you can try delectable barbecued foods, the tasty, sausage Ronto Wrap, and the Mustafarian Lava Roll – a sweet, flaky pastry topped with raspberry glaze and crumbled-up chocolate pieces. Just make sure you have the high ground when eating it. Ronto Roasters isn’t responsible for what happens when you don’t. 

Oga’s Cantina

We saved the best for last. This is one of the most popular bars at Disney World, with a never-ending reservation list and a constant line out the door. It’s similar to the one in Mos Eisley, with a bar in the center, and music playing at one end of the room. Except instead of the campy Cantina band, Oga’s has its own DJ – a droid DJ to be exact. 

You’ve got to check out the most happenin’ place in the galaxy, trying tasty new treats and enjoying the tunes played by DJ R3x. 

Speaking of treats, the cantina has plenty. For the adults at the party, they’re welcome to try the Rodian Ration – a large petri dish filled with green jello and popping bobas. With peppercorn and sweet, crunchy pop rocks, this dish packs a punch that will keep you going all night long. 

For the children in the group, many visitors go with the Blue Bantha – a glass of blue milk with a vanilla sugar cookie on top. True to its name, the sugar cookie is decorated like a bantha, with a crispy, sweet brown topping, and a smooth, white fondant that forms the horns. So, if you want something sweet to wash down the taste of the blue milk, this is what you want to order. 

Visiting Star Wars Restaurants in Hollywood Studios

One thing to keep in mind when visiting these places is that they can become crowded quickly. The internet is full of tips and tricks to get reservations, but why worry about that when it can be taken care of for you? Let the Disney VIP tour guides handle the arrangements, while you focus on what matters most – spending time with your family. 

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