Have you visited Toy Story Land at Disney World?

 Are you a Toy Story fanatic? Do you want to take a stroll in Andy’s backyard? If yes, then you must see the newest addition to Disney’s Hollywood Studios featuring fun-filled attractions and experiences: Toy Story Land! The magic at Toy Story Land will bring your Pixar fantasies to life!

Here are ten fun facts about Toy Story Land at Disney World you probably didn’t know about.

1. Toy Story Land Disney World makes you feel like a toy

Toy Story Land was designed to make you feel like a toy. Literally, everything here is oversized. At the entrance, you will find Woody, who is about 20-feet tall.

2. There are hidden references to Toy Story 2

You might not get to see a clear bifurcation between Toy Story and Toy Story 2; however, on looking closely, you will notice subtle distinctions. One of them is at Slinky Dog Dash. Here, the “Standby” sign is actually the collar of Buster, Andy’s dog, with Andy’s address on the back.

3. Science comes to life at Alien Swirling Saucers at Toy Story land Disney World

This one’s for the nerds! Alien Swirling Saucers is another attraction at Toy Story Land. The design and operation of this ride incorporate the scientific concept of centripetal force. This force is experienced when an object moves in a circular path. You’ll experience this firsthand when you’re on this ride.

4. Toy Story Land Disney World’s design was made through computer modeling

Both traditional and advanced design techniques brought Toy Story Land to life. The 3D model work was done throughout the Toy Story Land project, incorporating technical sketching and sculpting, as well as computer modeling and rendering.

5. Wheezy went through digital and physical phases

Wheezy is a supporting character in the movie Toy Story 2. To bring Wheezy to life, creators had to hand-sculpt it first before scanning it into computer software. A foam version was made after, followed by fabrication.

6. You can get classic treats at Woody’s Lunchbox

Tater Tots, soda floats, and PopTarts will make you nostalgic in Toy Story Land. All such dishes, including S’ mores, French Toast, and grilled cheese sandwiches, are available at Woody’s Lunchbox.

7. You will get to see Andy’s Slinky Dog Dash plan

Disney didn’t skimp on the details! As you move towards the Slinky Dog Dash ride, you will see Andy’s plan sketched out in Crayola crayon (Andy was the one who made Slinky Dog.)

8. You can be recruited by Green Army Men

At Toy Story Land, Sarge and his Green Army Men are on the lookout for recruits. If you are in Andy’s backyard, you can become a cadet in the Green Army Men Drum Corps. All you got to do is participate in an interactive boot camp.

9. Andy’s footprint is about 25-feet long

Everything is giant-sized at Toy Story Land. In fact, the size of Andy’s shoe print is 25 feet (equivalent to a size 240 shoes.) It will take a Green Army Man’s 12 steps to cover the whole print.

10. All the benches have interesting, theme-appropriate designs.

Disney has given special attention to even the benches throughout this addition. Some of them are made from giant popsicle sticks while others out of dominoes.

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