Universal Studios films to enjoy before Universal opens again!

If one thing’s for certain about the chaos surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, it’s having so many movies at our fingertips has become something of a blessing. Nothing is more important than a person’s health or safety, of course, but online streaming services, movies on demand, and our own DVD or Blu-ray libraries help us stay entertained.

Instead of discussing the benefits of a Universal Studios VIP tour, today we thought it would be fun to take a look at some of the incredible movies that the studio has made over the years. These Universal Studios films are great for a first-time viewing or to re-discover some old favorites.

Back to the Future Series

Easily one of the most popular film series ever made, the Back to the Future trilogy has everything a movie lover can ask for – crazy scientist, young protagonist, time travel, and an incredibly cool car. These movies have made Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd household names, not to mention their movie alter egos, Marty McFly. and Doc Brown. Whether you’re worried or excited about a potential remake, Robert Zemeckis says that it will never happen.

Jurassic Park / Jurassic World

Although the effects of Jurassic Park are old hat by now, you can trust old-timers when they say that seeing the Tyrannosaurus Rex in the theater for the first time was an absolute marvel to behold. Without a doubt one of the most popular series started by Steven Spielberg, the dinosaur adventures have continued with two Jurassic World movies, with more to come!

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

Indisputably Steven Spielberg’s most cherished family film, E.T the Extra-Terrestrial took the “boy and his dog” sub-genre and kicked it up about eight notches. This film is beautifully acted, cinematically fantastic, and both entertaining and emotionally draining at the same time. Even though Universal Studios tours don’t include an E.T ride anymore, its effect on the theme park’s popularity cannot be understated.

Despicable Me

This Steve Carell-led animated series of movies started off with a humble beginning, but quickly transformed into a full-blown franchise. There’s no doubt that the sympathetic villain Gru is definitely a big part of what made this series popular, but for many kids, the Minions are the reason they keep coming back for more. Added as an attraction a few years back, we imagine the popularity will only continue to grow.

Classic and Modern Monster Movies

From the Wolfman and Dracula to Frankenstein and King Kong, no other movie studio has come close to building such an impressive monster resume. Although its shared universe may never see the light of day, new monster movies are still being developed to this day, including the new Invisible Man film released this year!


Did we just say that Universal has its classic monster movies to thank for its success? Given the fact that Steven Spielberg is on this list three times, perhaps he might have a word to say about that. If you’ve ever wondered which movie started the Hollywood Blockbuster phase, then look no further than Jaws. Despite a difficult shooting schedule because of a cantankerous metal shark that often refused to cooperate, Jaws turned out to be a classic you should enjoy.

The Fast and the Furious

This film series could definitely be called “the little engines that could.” Easily one of the longest running movie series of all time, these action-packed Universal Studios films are the perfect way to spend an afternoon or evening eating microwave popcorn and staying safe. Yes, the series has possibly gotten more insane over the years, but we love it!

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