We firmly believe in the idea that arranging things in advance makes your vacation all the more fun and memorable. But when there’s a wide variety of destinations and Universal Studios hotels to choose from, it’s not always easy to pick one!

Fortunately, all the Universal Studios hotels are terrific places to stay during your Orlando vacation. In addition to the budget, the trick to choosing one of the hotels for you and your family is deciding which location, services, and amenities will give you everything you’re looking for. Is your must-dine restaurant choice at one of the Universal Studios hotels? Do you want a place with a larger pool area and supervised kids’ activities? Are you interested in free Unlimited Express Passes or a Hollywood Studios VIP tour?

One of the greatest benefits of working with hotel booking services is that you’re dealing with someone who knows the Universal Studios hotels inside and out. There are eight themed on-site Universal Studios hotels, all offering outstanding accommodations and service. Here are the highlights from three of the most popular hotels.

Most Popular Universal Studios Hotels

The biggest differentiator for on-site Universal Studios hotels is the distance from the theme parks. Aside from that, your choices come down to preference for the theme, size of the rooms, and the number of rooms in any given hotel. It’s these combined elements that make this resort probably the best match for you.

Loews Portofino Bay Hotel

Many people think of the Italian-themed Portofino as a more upscale experience, but it’s also a particularly good match for families who want something a little less boisterous. For example, the other two hotels have more rooms and only one pool so it can get hectic. The hotel has an expansive layout, three swimming pools, a secluded location and is also home to Universal Orlando’s full-service spa. This specific hotel has more restaurants and shops than any of the other on-site Universal Studio hotels as well as large standard room sizes.

Loews Royal Pacific

With a theme that echoes Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, the Royal Pacific is a beautiful tropical paradise in one of the most idyllic settings in all of Orlando. Soothing waterfalls coupled with a tropical festive feel are the perfect mix of relaxation and excitement. It’s also probably the best choice for families with young children, the most economical and closest to Islands of Adventure.

Hard Rock Hotel

A fun place for everyone, this is a particularly great choice if there are teens in your group. The theme here is California mansion and the energetic atmosphere shared by the guests make it a family-friendly property with just the right amount of image and attitude. It’s also the closest of all the Universal Studios hotels, just a short walk from the hotel’s pool area. The Hard Rock is also one of the Universal Studios hotels that offer an Express Pass as well as plenty of evening kid-centric activities for parents who would like to enjoy a night out.

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