When is Universal Studios opening?

It would be great if we could say that the COVID-19 threat is over and that all of Orlando’s theme parks were reopening soon with no restrictions, but we’re not going to get there for a while. However, tentative plans are being made, which means that if you’ve been itching to take a Disney World, SeaWorld, or Universal Studios tour, you won’t have to wait too much longer.

There’s been a lot of discussion concerning exactly how the theme parks will deal with the ongoing pandemic. Today, let’s concentrate on what you can expect from a Universal Studios reopening once that becomes a reality.

Health Guidelines for Workers

First and foremost, Universal Studios has an obligation to protect their employees and visitors from potential health hazards. Therefore, employees will undergo daily temperature checks to help prevent a sick worker from being in contact with other employees or guests. If a person’s temperature is over 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit, they will be sent home. Although this isn’t foolproof, it’s definitely a workable guideline that will help reduce potential exposure and illness.

Smaller Attendance Capacity

If you’ve ever thought about signing up for a Universal Studios VIP tour but just never got around to it, now’s the time. The Universal Studios opening will be completed primarily in two stages. With Phase One, the park will be limited to 50% capacity. When Phase Two occurs, the capacity will increase to 75%. Exact dates on both of these phases, plus returning to full capacity, are tentative and will be subject to change.

Social Distancing Rules

As with all businesses in Orlando and most other areas right now, the Universal Studios opening will include social distancing guidelines. What this will look like isn’t entirely known yet, but we can expect to see tape marking off 6-foot spaces for waiting in line.This could become somewhat difficult with the most popular rides, especially as more people are comfortable about attending the park again, but the lower capacities should offset a lot of this.

Face Masks for Everyone

It’s impossible to venture outside these days without seeing almost everyone in face masks whose purpose is to block droplets from entering the air. This guideline will definitely be a part of any Universal Studios opening, which means that both employees and guests will be required to wear a mask while at the park. Certain rules, such as if masks are only required by guests in line for rides and how eating will be handled, will be decided prior to the reopening.

Regular Surface Cleanings

Universal Studios has always been extremely proud of its cleanliness, but now employees will be working double time. Any areas that are typically subjected to human contact will be routinely cleaned. This is especially true with the seats, handrails, belts, and other items that you may come in contact with during the rides. Some areas may be wiped down once per hour, but with rides, this will be done after each run-through.

Hand Sanitizer Stations

Since guests probably won’t want to visit the restroom every time they’d like to clean their hands, they’ll be given the option of using hand sanitizer. Each ticketing entry turnstile ride will feature a touchless hand sanitizer station at both the attraction’s entry and exit. It’s also possible that stations will be placed in other locations throughout the park for additional convenience and safety.

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