Enjoy the magic of Disney with a VIP private Disney tour during the winter time. Winter is a fantastic season to visit any of the Disney parks.
There are many events during this time that people are not aware of and after the holidays, the crowds die down. Plan a trip to Disney this winter and enhance your experience with a VIP private Disney tour with World Class VIP.

Winter at Disney

The holiday season is a magical time at Disney. Many families have made a tradition of visiting Disney to kick off their own holiday celebrations. Some of the elaborate decorations at the parks include life-sized gingerbread houses and candy sculptures.

There is a special holiday parade with Mickey and Minnie and the Christmas light displays are out of this world. There are special food and desert events, as well as concerts. Visitors are known to enjoy the opportunity to experience the holiday season in various countries around the world.

Booking a VIP private Disney tour will ensure that you can see all of the holiday displays and experience all of the unique events the holidays have to offer at the Disney parks.

After the holiday season is over, a VIP private Disney tour is perfect for people that would like to enjoy a specifically themed Disney visits. For example, if your favorite character is Goofy, you can book a World Class VIP tour to take you to all of the Goofy attractions and meet as many live Goofy characters as possible throughout all of the parks. There are so many ways to enjoy Disney when you book a VIP private Disney tour with World Class VIP.

Why a Private Tour?

When you take a tour with World Class VIP, you are treated just like that, a VIP. You will be guided around the park to all of the attractions that you want to see. Whenever you want to take a break or grab a snack, just let your tour guide know and they will make it happen. A VIP private Disney tour makes visiting Disney 1000 times easier than on your own.

What are you waiting for?! Book your VIP private Disney tour today! Contact World Class VIP and fill out the form, we can’t wait to hear from you!


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