The World Class VIP tour of Disney in Orlando will have your family reminiscing about the trip for years to come. That is just one of the many reasons to book a VIP tour of Disney in Orlando. Below are six reasons people use World Class VIP tour guides on their visit to Disney.

1. Experience in Touring

Our tour guides have tons of experience in the Disney parks. They are trained to know their way around the parks and have top notch customer service skills, ensuring every client has their desires fulfilled.

2. knowledge of Disney Parks

World Class VIP tour guides are familiar with each park’s layout, so you will not spend considerable amounts of time waiting to get on rides and you will be able to see the attractions that you want along the way. They are knowledgeable about handicapped park outlets and how to enjoy all the park has to offer while handling small children.

3. Love of Everything Disney

Tour guides are educated on every Disney parks, as well as the history of Mr. Walt Disney himself. Throughout the length of your tour, our guides will share historical knowledge about each area.

4. Outgoing Nature

World Class VIP tour guides are well known for their enthusiasm about the parks. They truly love their job and work their hardest to share all that Disney parks have to offer to families from all around the globe.

5. World Class VIP Standards of Tour Guides

World Class VIP holds their guides to high standards. They are there to serve the customer first and foremost. The whole purpose of their job is to ensure that travelers are having the best experience at the Disney parks.

6. Passion for Helping Families Have an Unforgettable Experience

Reviews on TripAdvisor repeatedly show how World Class VIP Disney tour guides go above and beyond for the families they work with. They have even gone to the lengths of having snacks ready after roller coaster rides and showing up with coffee at the park in the morning for adults.

World Class VIP tours of Disney in Orlando are the way to go if you are looking for the ultimate experience. The tour guides are out of this world, offering great insight on how to get through the park stress-free. Many people say that they would not travel again to Disney without the aid of a World Class VIP Disney tour guide!


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