What makes a Disney trip memorable to you? Is it the events at the theme parks, knowledgeable tour guides to lead you around, or FastPass access to your favorite attractions?

It’s obvious that all three are what makes a Disney vacation memorable.

However, most people end up not seeing as much as they could because, let’s face it, the attractions can be overwhelming. The large crowds can cause you to waste valuable time at attractions you may be interested in.

Most of the time, it comes down to two choices:
1. Pass up seeing your favorite attractions
2. Waste hours of your day in long lines, waiting for your chance to enjoy the attraction.

Fortunately, you can avoid the long lines without missing out on your preferred attractions by using our Disney VIP tour service.

What is the Benefit of a VIP Tour?

World Class VIP tours of Disney are convenient in many ways, especially when it comes to saving time. For example, while other people may have to wait up to 40 minutes to enjoy the Avatar 4D experience, you can skip the long line and enjoy the thrill in just a few minutes.

Why Choose a VIP Tour Service?

When you read our Trip Advisor VIP tours reviews, one thing sticks out: the knowledge of our tour guides. A VIP tour entitles you to one of our guides that maps out your itinerary to ensure you get the most memorable experience.

Exploring the four Disney theme parks can definitely be overwhelming. Most people are surprised how quickly the day ends before they have experienced everything they hoped to.

Our Disney VIP tour guides will exceed your expectations, making sure you hit every ride on your list with virtually NO wait times. Also, they can rebook you later at the rides you prefer using FastPass. You will never feel rushed or like you are missing out on something.

A private Disney tour is a stress-free, magical visit to the happiest place on earth. Whether you are visiting with your kids or a group of friends, you will have an awesome experience, including front row seats to shows, last minute dining reservations, and much more.

VIP tours of Disney service takes all of the stress out of planning and wasting time in long lines.

Contact us at 407-810-9500 to plan your next Disney tour.


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