What are some benefits of private Walt Disney World tours?

If the reservation system is any indication, then many thousands of people across the country are making plans to visit Disney World in Orlando as soon as the park reopens. With limited capacity set at 25 percent in the beginning, now is a wonderful time to plan your next vacation.

Walt Disney World tours are proving to be quite popular, too. Attendees who have utilized a third-party private tour in the past understand that this is the absolutely best way to enjoy the park. As a precursor to your next Florida vacation, let’s explore some of the benefits you can expect.

Plan Your Itinerary in Advance

Private Disney tours always begin with an itinerary. When we say that it’s a good idea to plan your itinerary, we’re not referring to micromanaging your entire day. This simply comes down to developing a basic outline of where you’d like to start, which attractions you’re most excited to see, where you’d like to eat, and other details that will allow your day to go more smoothly.

Find the Perfect Disney Hotel

Booking Disney hotel reservations is quite easy. The hard part is selecting the perfect Disney resort hotel for you and the rest of your group. Depending on you where you stay, you’ll discover options such as themed rooms, character breakfasts, swimming pools, water slides, fitness centers, business centers, and a whole lot more. Any choice you make will definitely enhance your trip, but the perfect selection can be its own adventure.

Navigate the Park with Ease

One of the greatest benefits of private Walt Disney World tours is the ability to navigate the park with ease. Disney VIP tour guides take the time to learn every section like the back of their hand. They will always know the fastest route to get from one place to the next, where you can find specific types of food, and other bits of information to help you save time.

Reduce Time Spent in Line

Speaking of time, standing in line at a theme park for an extended period is typically thought of as simply part of the process. With the help of your personal tour guide, however, it doesn’t have to be that way. Not only will your guide help you program your three initial FastPasses so that you can get the busiest attractions out of the way first, he or she will help you stay aware of wait times and other techniques that will reduce the amount of time you waste throughout the day.

Discover Delicious Restaurants

Disney tours are never complete without focusing on food. There are so many places to eat and different types of foods and beverages available that no single person will probably ever be able to try them all. In addition to introducing you to the best restaurants, you’ll be pointed in the direction of tasty snacks and beverages throughout the day for whenever you or your kids need sustenance.

Locate Your Favorite Characters

As everyone knows, you can find Disney cast members dressed up as dozens of your favorite characters. You can have your picture taken with characters from Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel, and more. Quite a few of these characters are found in specific locations during scheduled hours, which means it’s easier to find when you want during a private VIP experience because your guide will know where and when to find them.

Contact World Class VIP for the Best Walt Disney World Tours

Walt Disney World VIP tours have so many benefits that it’s sometimes hard to keep track, but the ones we’ve listed here are several of the best. The Disney VIP tour provided by World Class VIP gives you unprecedented freedom by helping you skip long lines, plan an itinerary, make hotel reservations, discover new food, keep your belongings secure, and more. Give us a call at (407) 270-1781 to for a private vip disney tour quote.


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