Here’s a helpful list of things to do when you visit Disney World for Two Days.

If you intend to visit Disney World soon, you will need to plan your trip properly to ensure a smooth vacation. With over a dozen resorts, four theme parks, two water parks, and many other sites, you certainly have your work cut out for you with all the preparations. Even before the pandemic, the process was already overwhelming. You can just imagine how much more you have to consider with all the additional restrictions.

It helps to start with some research before you think about the specifics of your Disney World vacation. Here is a suggested two-day itinerary that can guide you when you visit Disney World. Whether you are planning a weekend getaway or generally have limited vacation time, you want to make sure to maximize it to the best of your abilities.

Planning Tips to Visit Disney World for Two Days

Two days may not seem like enough time when you think about everything Disney World has to offer. Truthfully, it is not possible to visit all the sights and attractions in two days. However, there are certainly ways to make the most out of your time.

  1. Check the Crowd

Start by checking the crowd calendars to find a feasible date to visit Disney World. Since the park is currently operating at less than 100% capacity, you want to make sure you can secure a slot. Using the Disney Park Pass reservation system, you can check out the available dates to plan your schedule. As much as possible, try to do this as early as you can since slots can fill up quickly.

  1. Visit Two Parks

As much as you may want to go through all of Disney’s parks, the two days might cause you to rush in and out of them without enjoying the experience. Some people spend all two days just in Magic Kingdom, so imagine doing all four. Rather than doing this, consider choosing one to two parks and spend more time exploring them.

Of course, this is merely a suggestion. If you still prefer to visit all the parks, you can do this by squeezing in two parks per day. How will you decide which ones to visit? This ultimately depends on your preferences and priorities. Try to check out the attractions in each park and gauge which ones you feel you want to visit the most.

Regardless of whether you visit Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, or Animal Kingdom, you will surely feel the Disney magic. However, if you absolutely cannot decide, you just need to build an efficient schedule to ensure you can make it to all your destinations.

  1. Arrive Early

With limited time on your hands, you naturally do not want to waste any of it. Make sure to take note of the park hours, so you can arrive early and stay late to explore as much as possible. Make sure to give yourself breaks whenever you feel tired. Walking around the parks all day can easily get tiring, so take a rest from time to time, grab a snack, and simply enjoy the scenery.

  1. Book a Disney Resort

While Disney resort hotels may come at a premium price compared to outside accommodations, it saves you plenty of time to stay on site. You no longer have to worry about traffic and get access to park transportation to help you get to your destinations more quickly.

Suggested Two-Day Itinerary for Disney World

To give you more concrete recommendations, here is a two-day itinerary you can draw inspiration from if you plan to visit Disney World. It is designed to include the four parks, but as mentioned above, you can switch things up depending on how many you want to visit within your allotted time.

Likewise, feel free to change the order of the parks and the specific attractions based on your preference. Again, this merely serves as a guide to help you with your itinerary.

Day One: Animal Kingdom and Epcot

Start your first day with Disney’s Animal Kingdom, which gives you adequate time to get through your favorite attractions in the early hours. Head over to the Kilimanjaro Safaris for unique animal encounters while the sun is up and shining. Afterwards, you can proceed to some of the top attractions like Expedition Everest, Avatar Flight of Passage, Kali River Rapids, and Maharajah Jungle Trek.

You should be able to finish up in Animal Kingdom after noontime. You can either eat before moving or head over to Epcot for their wide selection of counter-service restaurants. Before visiting, check if there are special events in the park, like the International Food & Wine Festival and others. As for attractions, check out The American Adventure, Spaceship Earth, Soarin’, and Test Track.

Day Two: Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom

After your exciting first day, you can move on to explore Hollywood Studios on your second day. First, try out some of the exciting and thrilling rides like the Tower of Terror, Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, Rock n Roller Coaster, and Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run. Aside from these, make sure to check out the schedule for shows that you want to catch. From Fantastic to Beauty and the Beast, Hollywood Studios certainly delivers with its live entertainment.

Finally, what better way to conclude your vacation than by taking a walk down memory lane in the beautiful Magic Kingdom? You can always visit this park if you prefer to, but there is also something special about putting it at the end! Grab your lunch or some snacks in the many quick-service restaurants, then start venturing into Adventureland and Tomorrowland.

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