Advent Health is the Official Disney World Health Provider!

Walt Disney World Resort recently announced Advent Health would be its official health care provider. This is welcome news to those who want to visit the world’s biggest theme park but are hesitant about the potential health risks.

Guests will soon have access to improved Walt Disney World health services, allowing them to focus on enjoying a memorable experience with their families without worrying too much about the availability of health care services.

Enhanced Walt Disney World Health Services

Advent Health, formerly known as Florida Hospital, has been working closely with Disney World for more than two decades, providing health care services to all its guests. In this newly formalized partnership, Advent Health will be expanding its offerings and taking its services to a new level.

Part of this is providing a wide range of health care services and online tools for planning vacations – a virtual care app that can be accessed through the MyDisney Experience and a dedicated concierge care experience.

Healthy and Responsible Fun

The upcoming improvements in the Walt Disney World Health Services will help ensure that all visitors will have fun and still stay safe.

Guests will be able to meet their medical needs while inside the theme park, from assistance for setting doctor’s appointments to virtual consultations to prescription delivery to the hotels in Disney World.

Advent Health’s expanded offerings also include the addition of a new emergency room at the Flamingo Crossings Town Center, which will be managed by doctors and nurses from Advent Health. Aside from guests, all nearby residents are welcome to take advantage of the services and facilities of this new center.

Advent Health for Children will also implement more “Disney touches” to the Walt Disney pavilion to make it more enjoyable for children. They are also exploring ways to bring more welcoming enhancements to patients and families of Advent Health for Children and in the theme park and other locations in Florida.

All these new offerings are designed to ensure that guests of all ages, whether with pre-existing health conditions or with unexpected health care needs, will receive proper medical care during their stay in Central Florida.

Responsive Walt Disney World Health Services

Disney World made their announcement a day after declaring that they are planning to stop taking the temperatures of guests and employees later this month. It is in response to the advice from the CDC and local health officials.

Enjoy Your Stay at Disney World

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