General Tips on What to Wear to Universal Studios

Universal Studios has grown to become the third largest amusement park operator in the world, and it’s not surprising why. The Universal theme parks offer 50 million visitors a year the opportunity to ride the Hogwarts Express or dance with Minions!

If you are thinking about traveling with your family to Universal Studios in Florida, you may have lots of questions. One of your questions is going to be what to wear to Universal Studios. Here are some tips for what to wear to Universal Studios, broken down by season.

No matter what time of the year you plan to visit Universal Studios, there are a few items you won’t be able to do without. First, you need comfortable shoes because you will be doing a lot of walking. In fact, you may walk about 20,000 steps a day–which is equivalent to 10 miles.

When you pack for Universal Studios, you may want to opt for flip flops or sandals. Because there are water rides at the theme park, you may want to bring an extra pair of shoes, especially if you are opting for tennis shoes. Also, many people opt for a lightweight backpack, where they can carry water bottles or snacks for their family, as well as phones and medication. Before you pack that backpack, check the list of prohibited items on the Universal Orlando website.

What to Wear to Universal Studios In The Winter

Florida’s winters aren’t really winter in the traditional sense. The Florida weather in January is perfect for a day at the parks. It rains less during the winter than any other time of the year, so if you want to visit the Universal Orlando Resort, there’s no better time than the winter, and the temperatures are mild, with lows in the 50s and highs in the low 70s. The humidity in Orlando is also lower in the winter.

In the winter, it is important to wear lightweight clothing, and dress in several layers. For example, at Islands of Adventure, there are several thrilling rides you might get a little chilly on if you ride them first thing in the morning. You may want to wear shirts and shorts, and layer with a light jacket.

What to Wear to Universal Studios In The Spring

If you are traveling to Universal Studios Orlando in March through May, you will begin to experience the temperature changes this time of year. In March and April, the weather temperatures are in the upper 70s and low 80s. By May however, the temperature will constantly be on the rise, and the chances of rain or thunderstorms in the afternoon rise as well.

One pro tip to keep in mind during the spring at Universal Studios as well as Walt Disney World is to wait to ride the water rides until the temperature is warmer in the afternoons. Opt for comfortable clothes, such as cotton, that will dry quickly after the water rides. Also, because thunderstorms are on the rise, you may want to think about putting an umbrella or rain gear in your backpack.

What to Wear to Universal Studios in the Summer

It goes without saying that visiting Universal Studios in the summer presents challenges. Summers in Orlando regularly stay in the low to mid-90s, and the humidity can smack you in the face if you aren’t used to it. Some days, it feels like you are getting hit with a warm, wet washcloth every time you step outside. Afternoon thunderstorms are common during the summer months, so plan accordingly.

You need to wear lightweight, light-colored clothing. The heavier and darker your clothing is, the hotter you are going to feel. Also, be sure that if you are wearing tennis shoes, you have socks on that resist moisture build-up that could lead to blisters. Many people who are visiting Universal Studios take a break in the middle of the day to rest and avoid the hottest parts of the day as well. If you have young children, that’s the perfect time to have them nap and cool off.

What to Wear to Universal Studios in the Fall

In many parts of the country, the weather begins to cool off when fall begins. However, fall in Orlando is not the same fall as you experience in other parts of the country. The average temperature in Orlando in September usually doesn’t fall below 90 degrees. Late fall in Orlando, October and November, are great times to visit the theme parks because the weather is cooler, the humidity is lower, and the chance of rain during the day decreases.

You may want to pack a combination of shorts and pants for fall weather in Orlando. That way, you’ll be prepared for a sudden cool snap. Also, dress in layers, such as a short-sleeve shirt with either a long-sleeve shirt or a jacket you can take off if you get too warm. Pro tip: jeans are not great to wear to theme parks in the fall, especially in the early fall in Florida. The sun is still very strong, and you may become uncomfortable waiting on line for your chance to ride the rides.

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No matter what time of the year it is, you and your family can have a great time if you plan ahead. Bring extra shoes for everyone, and don’t forget those swimsuits! Your kids may opt to wear their bathing suits under their clothes for the water attractions. Also, while you’re packing for the weather, be sure and pack some sunscreen. As strong as the Florida sun is, that’s a necessity you don’t need to do without.

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