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Other tour guide companies claim to be “top rated” when in fact, the stellar reviews and years of experience that come with World Class VIP Tours is unparalleled.

With World Class VIP, your vacation is transformed from ‘simply manageable’ to ‘completely magical!’ Our unique service combines organized pre-planning, an extensive knowledge of elaborate fast pass systems, and a detail-oriented ride pattern in order to avoid those unappealing long lines and crowds.
Our service extends far beyond simply listing the attractions your family will visit. World Class VIP creates a custom experience that is tailored to the specific preferences of your party. Consider this vacation nothing short of a first class experience!

We guarantee you will not have to pick up a single theme park map, waste time trying to navigate through the confusing crowds, or wait on any of the long queues during your time with us. Your time will be spent relaxing and enjoying all the best that Orlando has to offer, while in the care of a highly trained, professional and respectful VIP tour guide. What more could you ask for?  Schedule your Tour with World Class VIP today!



Personalized itineraries, reservations, opportunities, and escorts!


Your amazing vacation officially begins the instant you book your PRIVATE TOUR GUIDE IN ORLANDO. From this moment, leave the planning to us! Our expert staff is trained to design a tour that is organized and executed seamlessly with our incredible private guides. We will take full responsibility in making this vacation not just manageable, but magical, by tailoring your time in the parks to the specific preferences of your family. While you’re getting excited for an unforgettable getaway, we are behind the scenes, lining up your schedule, which commences from the time you arrive in Orlando.

Each day of your tour, you will meet with your private guide at the main entrance of the theme park or lobby of your hotel. Given the year-round crowds, we find that early morning start times provide your family with the most seamless and stress-free tours. Your itinerary will be planned in advance and your guide will follow a flexible, fun schedule, with the main goal being to complete each park in it’s entirety. Don’t feel pressured or unsure, your expert guide will tell you everything you need to know! He or she will escort you from ride to ride, secure awesome seating at shows, and even show you where the best places are for shopping, dining and exploring other park amenities.

We are experts in managing and facilitating a spectacularly planned tour. Make sure you have your cameras handy, you will have so much time to take photos of your family enjoying those special moments!

Forget the Map — We know the Parks like the back of our hand !

theme-park-vacations-orlando-flYou may have visited Orlando’s world renowned theme parks in the past, but you’ve never experienced them like this! Our system ensures a smooth, easy-paced, exciting experience for all of the guests in your party. Our years of knowledge and experience in making our way around these ever-changing theme parks will provide you and your family with fast pass entry to every attraction, amazing seating at every show, and the most enjoyable little extras you can possibly imagine. Because of a very specific ride pattern we take, as well as our knowledge of park population and congestion at all times throughout the day, you won’t even be able to tell that you’re surrounded by thousands of other park guests throughout your day.

Phone consultations prior to day one of your tour are key. It is important to us to really get to know you and your family before you even arrive on Orlando. We will tailor your itinerary based on the ages of the members in your party, as well as specific likes or dislikes. You may not know the exact order of the rides and attractions, but you will absolutely know which ones you will visit on your tour. Never fear unexpected changes. Our VIP guides always have backup plans and creative, flexible alternatives.

World Class VIP Tour Guides are Dining Experts.

dining-restaurants-disney-vacationsWith us, you can be sure to experience those magical Disney dining moments you so often hear about. We always suggest a mid-tour lunch break to regroup and recharge before tackling the second half of the theme park. Prior to your tour, dining options will be given to you and our staff will assist in securing great reservations.

Vacations are more than just “escaping” – it is about creating life-long memories & sharing them with your loved ones.

Your Orlando VIP tour guides at World Class VIP Tours understand your love for the people you vacation with, and will make your experience memorable!