Private Disney Tour Guides

There is more to our private Disney tours than just skipping lines. Read on to find out why World Class VIP tour guides are the best for private Disney tours.

Luxury Disney World Guide

Our private Disney tour guides will ensure you have the best experience during your trip. With us, you get more than just planning services for your vacation upfront. We can advise you on the best meal options, length of trips, accommodations, and even create a park-touring plan that will surpass your expectations.

When you book your Disney vacation with us, you get a full-service concierge.

Experienced Disney Tour Guides

Our private Disney tour guides will get in touch with you a few days before the park visit, to go through what you would want to see. World Class VIP tours feature all the theme parks, including the iconic Magic Kingdom, the imaginative and futuristic Epcot, the music and television capital that is Hollywood Studios, and the enchanting Animal Kingdom among others.

The VIP tour is designed to ensure you see as much as possible. Your private Disney tour guide will use their detailed knowledge of the rides, locations, duration, and wait times to maximize your experience.
Apart from the park plan, the guide will offer several concierge-type experiences. For example, if you are on vacation with your children, the guide could get iced tea, popcorn, or waters while they are on the ride. They can also park your stroller at each ride and wait for you at the exit. Of course, you want to be in the photographs. Your guide will take pictures with their phone or your camera a to capture the memories that will last a lifetime.

Exclusive Disney Tour Insider Secrets!

You are guaranteed a fantastic experience with our private Disney tour guides thanks to their experience and knowledge of the attractions. From showing you where to shoot your laser gun at Buzz Lightyear ride to reducing wait times, and keeping the parks easy for your kids, your guide will prove an indispensable member of your exploration troop.

You may already know about using the Fast Pass system to avoid lines when visiting the Magic Kingdom. However, do you know the parks inside out? Let your private Disney tour guide lead your group as you enjoy the day.

Ready for an unforgettable, relaxing, fun, and stress-free Disney tour experience?

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