Animal Kingdom – Pandora Rides and Attractions

A private VIP tour of the Animal Kingdom will tease your imagination and offer a fantasy experience in a different dimension. Get into the world of banshees in the Pandora – World of Avatar and explore the caves, mountains, animals, plants, and other attractions in the alien world.

Your sense will be heightened in this private tour that features a 4D Avatar world experience, exotic flora, and fauna, legendary islands, and fun games. Your private VIP guide will help to plan for the day to ensure you see the best attractions, save time on lines, and get the best seats at shows.

Avatar Flight of Passage

An exhilarating experience awaits you at Avatar Flight of Passage. To begin, you’ll be sent to a holding area to see an “orientation” video. From there, be ready to experience Avatar world in 4D. The thrilling ride will see you flying on the back of a mountain banshee above the vast moon. Skip the lines with VIP passes to save time.

You’ll find yourself in the Avatar world and experience actual mists of water and wind in key points throughout your ride. The thrill of riding a banshee into caves and ducking under cliffs and branches easily makes the Avatar Flight of Passage the best attraction in the Animal Kingdom.

Valley of Mo’ara

Being in the Valley of Mo’ara is another surreal experience. Get ready to discover a world like no other that is full of enormous floating mountains, glowing flora and fauna, a native drum circle, and other wonders. The Valley is visually spectacular and evokes the feeling of alien nature.

Take pictures of yourself with the floating mountains in the background. For even a more spectacular experience, visit the Valley at night.

Na’vi River Journey

Take a slow thrill ride along the Na’vi River into the bioluminescent rainforest in search of the Na’vi Shaman of Songs. A sense of wonder will engulf you as the beautiful Pandora reveals itself. Your private VIP tour guide will reserve FastPass+ tickets for you to get you ahead of the wait lines.

The adventure begins aboard a reed boat that slowly drifts downstream. The beautiful Pandora comes alive as you pass amazing creatures of the rainforest, exotic glowing plants, and a series of caves. Past the wonders of the breathtaking beauty of the Pandora, the Na’vi Shaman of Songs will be waiting for you!

Overwhelmed by the attractions in the Animal Kingdom? Let our knowledgeable team plan your private tour for the best sights to see.

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