Aquatica VIP Tours in Orlando

Visit Aquatica, which together with Discovery Cove and SeaWorld, make the trio water attractions of Orlando.

Aquatica features a New Zealand and Australian theme as is evident by mascots like Wai (dolphin), Roa (kiwi), and more that can be easily spotted. Our Orlando Aquatica tour comprises of great adventures for the whole family, including thrill rides and visits to various animal areas.
Aquatica’s signature ride, the Dolphin Plunge, is included in the tour.

The ride allows you to interact with dolphins one-on-one. You will love the thrill of the body slides that will shoot you through a pool with Commerson’s dolphins. The slides twist and provide fast rides, allowing you to see the dolphins that swim nearby closely.

A word of caution: the lines can easily swell for more than an hour. However, our VIP tour guides can secure passes that will save you time.

Explore the Loggerhead Lane

If you don’t want to get into the pool, you can still interact with the enchanting dolphins in the Loggerhead Lane. This is Aquatica’s lazy river that is surrounded by attractive landscapes. There, you will enjoy a leisurely spin past a grotto with an aquarium and into the dolphin pool.

There is more than just dolphins to see in the Loggerhead Lane. For example, you can board the Tassie Twister bowl for a ride that will end up with you being welcomed by captivating animals. If you don’t fancy the bowl rides, there is a second under viewing arena where you can see dolphins.

Our Orlando Aquatica VIP tour guides will also take you around the park to see other animals such as anteaters and tortoises.

Water Fun at Walkabout Waters

Walkabout Waters is another must-see attraction in Aquatica. This is an interactive play area where water fun comes to life. There are dozens of water cannons at the attraction. You can sign up for fast, thrilling rides at a family raft. The rafts can either be open and straight shot-down, or enclosed and twisty. At the Whanau Way, there is a pair of tube slides that offer unforgettable ride experiences.

The Hoo Hoo Run is another attraction not to be missed. The raft slide in the Hoo Hoo will keep you and the kids busy. If you want an adrenaline-filled activity, the Ihu’s Breakaway Falls is for you. This is the steepest multi-drop tower in Orlando.

On busy days, visitors quickly take lounge chairs in Aquatica to claim their turf. However, with our Aquatica VIP tours, you won’t miss lounge chairs to rest in during your visit.

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