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A savory aroma fills the air, floats to your nostrils, and teases your appetite leaving your taste buds craving for a delicious meal. Welcome to the 2018 Food and Wine Festival.

A spectacular tour celebrating global cuisines and music awaits you in this family-favorite event. This Epcot tour will take you around the world through mouthwatering gourmets. Wines galore, shopping sprees and food tasting sessions will keep you occupied throughout the day.

Eat to the Beat; A Food-Music Festival

Enjoy a fantastic dinner and rock the night away at the Eat to the Beat extravaganza. Enjoy a delicious family breakfast and buffet-style lunch or dinner while grooving to the sounds of top bands in a fantastic concert experience. Our guides can reserve the best seats for you to ensure you get an up-close experience with the favorite stars. Just show up ready to move to the beat while enjoying your delicious grabs.

Get in touch with us for the performance schedule of this year’s Food and Wine Festival in Orlando.

Exclusive Festival Dining at Disney Hotels

Experience culinary magic in Disney Resorts at the assortment of delectable events. You are guaranteed unforgettable mealtimes at the Resort hotels with delicious twists of culinary collaborations of talented chefs.

The art of fine dining is yours to experience at Disney Springs. Enjoy the flavors of specialty dishes gracefully paired with carefully selected specialty cocktails, craft beer, or wine. An array of foreign cuisine is yours to explore during the Food and Wine Festival tour in Orlando where fine dining is defined.

Happy Spirits at the Beer Seminars

Attend a beverage seminar and learn the intricacies of beer refining, spirit distillation, and wine making. Everything you’ve always wanted to know about alcoholic drinks will be unveiled at the seminars. Meet with other happy fellas and take part in wine tasting. Did you know that smell can indicate the fineness of wine?

Attend the seminars with a curious mind; leave in happy spirits. Note: This tour is recommended for those over 21 years.

Mementos to Pack

Stamp your Food and Wine Festival memories with an assortment of cooking and home entertainment products. Select from a wide variety of limited edition merchandise at Epcot stores and kiosks to remind you of the spectacular event.

Our guides will help you get the Mini Festival Gift Card for easy payment of your favorite gourmet fares.

Attend the Food and Wine Festival Orlando like a VIP and get an unforgettable experience through our private tours. Contact us at 407-810-9500 to learn more.

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