Private VIP Tour Experience

The ultimate vacation is possible thanks to the dedication of World Class VIP and its fantastic collection of Disney VIP Tour guides. The World Class VIP Disney VIP Tour experience is absolutely unmatched, providing you with the opportunity to enjoy Orlando’s favorite theme parks in a way that you probably never thought possible. Anyone who has been to a theme park understands that they can be quite overwhelming thanks to the dozens of attractions, character interactions, rides, events, and prior planning that take place. Our Disney VIP Tour guides will help organize your activities and provide nearly unfettered access to the park so that you can get the most out of your trip without the stress related to such a vacation.

The World’s Best Theme Parks

World Class VIP offers a wide variety of incredible Disney VIP Tours to give you a fantastic vacation every time you visit Orlando. Our knowledgeable, friendly guides each conduct a tour of Disney World, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Universal Studios, Universal’s Island of Adventure, SeaWorld, Legoland, and Discovery Cove. Your visit to the theme park of your choosing will be conducted by a tour guide who is well-versed in how to make your Disney VIP Tour the very best.

Seasoned Tour Guides

World Class VIP effectively trains our Disney VIP Tour guides to ensure that they deliver the very best experience possible throughout the entirety of your Orlando adventure. They are all huge fans of every theme park, absolutely love what they do, and will help you enjoy everything that your chosen park has to offer.

Customizable Experience

The Disney VIP Tour guides at World Class VIP understand that everyone who enlists our services has different priorities when they visit one of the city’s fantastic theme parks. Our experts will work with you to create a customized Disney VIP Tour experience that will focus on your specific needs and desires to ensure that everyone in your party has a wonderful time.

Shorter Lines Equals More Fun

It’s no secret that the lines at a theme park can be very long, which is especially frustrating to children who can become anxious waiting for their favorite ride or snack. World Class VIP can assist you with skipping lines, which translates to less frustration and more fun for both adults and children alike.

Get Tickets for Your Favorite Shows

The guides at World Class VIP can reserve tickets for any shows you wish to see. Reserving tickets with World Class VIP will ensure that you get the best seats so your party can enjoy the show in the best possible manner.

Dining Reservations

Our tour guides can make dining reservations for your party. Simply tell us which restaurants you wish to visit during your Disney VIP tour and we’ll make the necessary reservations before you begin in your tour.

Planning Your Itinerary

No matter which theme park you decide to visit, you will discover that there are dozens upon dozens of things to see and do throughout the day. This is why World Class VIP has made creating a proper itinerary for you and your guests a priority. This ensures that you will maximize your experience and enjoy your Disney VIP Tour.

Disney Hotel Reservations

Although your theme park adventure is what’s most important for your trip, World Class VIP has learned over the years that where you stay can be almost as important as what you get to do. That’s why our travel professionals have taken it upon themselves to become experts in finding you the perfect Disney hotel reservations and accommodations for your stay. Our team can also help with hotel booking services and assistance.

Flexibility with the Changes

Even with the most meticulous planning, it’s important to be able to make changes to your theme park itinerary on the fly, especially when you have multiple people in your party. The Disney VIP Tour guides at World Class VIP are absolute masters at altering a planned schedule throughout the day, as needed, to ensure a wonderful vacation.

Contact World Class VIP to Book Your Disney VIP Tour

World Class VIP can make every trip to Orlando’s incredible theme parks the best they can possibly be. Book your VIP tour today by contacting our excellent Disney VIP Tour guides. You can also call us at (407) 810-9500 and we’ll help you plan your next vacation today and make it a one of a kind VIP experience!

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