The Best VIP Experience

Theme parks in Orlando offer the very best in entertainment, featuring all sorts of attractions and experiences from exhilarating rides and glorious events to delicious food and character interactions. World Class VIP has dedicated itself to providing the most exciting VIP experience available, led by knowledgeable Disney VIP tour guides that will help make your vacation absolutely wonderful for the entire family. Once you’ve had the VIP treatment, you’ll never want to go back to a “normal” theme park visit ever again.

Multiple Theme Park Tours Available

World Class VIP gives you the opportunity to create a perfect vacation by providing unparalleled access to your favorite theme parks. The multitude of Disney VIP tour options we offer – Disney World VIP tours, SeaWorld VIP tours, Universal Studios VIP tours, Legoland VIP tours, and more – will blow you away, thanks to our guides’ expertise and the royal treatment that you’ll receive all day long. By the time you’re done, everyone in your party will feel like a Disney Prince or Princess!

Personalized VIP Experience

It’s no secret that everyone in your party will have a variety of different likes when it comes to getting a true VIP experience. Our tour guides love providing the best VIP experiences possible! This gives them the chance to craft a truly unique VIP experience that will appeal to every single member of your party.

Meticulous Planning

When you sign up for the World Class VIP experience, our tour guides will begin working with you immediately to make sure your tour is planned to meet your needs down to the letter. It all starts with finding out what everyone in your party wants to see and do while at their favorite theme park and then strategizing to make that happen.

Professional VIP Tour Guides

World Class VIP simply can’t say enough great things about the incredible tour guides that we employ. It won’t take long before you realize that each and every one of them is dedicated to providing the best VIP experience throughout your trip – and they absolutely deliver an amazing theme park tour every single time!

Itinerary Flexibility

While we start with meticulous planning once you’ve decided on a tour, everyone at World Class VIP understands the importance of reacting to requested changes at a moment’s notice. Our guides will help keep you and your family on track but are absolute masters at operating “on the fly” to deliver you the best VIP experience possible.

Less Time Standing in Line

If there’s one negative thing about visiting a theme park, it’s the time that so many people spend in line waiting to enjoy the most popular rides and attractions. The World Class VIP experience includes FastPass+ programming, which allows you to make reservations for your three favorite rides or shows, which will free up more time throughout the day.

Disney Hotel Reservations

Although the theme park of your choice is probably the most important part of your Orlando vacation, deciding where you stay during your trip is also essential when discussing your VIP experience. World Class VIP will assist you with Disney hotel reservations to make sure that the accommodations are to your liking.

Contact World Class VIP for a One of a Kind VIP Experience

There’s nothing quite like the World Class VIP experience to make your Orlando trip truly memorable. For a private VIP Disney tour quote, or if you have any questions about the services we provide, give us a call at (407) 810-9500 today.

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