Discovery Cove VIP Tour Orlando

It’s time to explore the underwater world in an exquisite tropical island paradise. Our private Discovery Cove tour offers a day of educational family fun.

Discovery Cove is a unique park that provides the ultimate relaxing experience. Our all-inclusive tour is a perfect escapade from the rush of the nearby theme parks. You will instantly feel you are in a special sanctuary the moment you enter the theme park.

Booking a Discovery Cove tour in Orlando offers you a unique opportunity to relax on white sandy beaches, glide with rays, snorkel amongst tropical fish, and swim with a beautiful Atlantic bottlenose dolphin.

Swim with Dolphins

The main attraction of the Discovery Cove is swimming with the dolphins. To begin, our VIP tour guides will provide insight about the dolphins. From there, things will get more personal as you engage with the mammals through kisses and hugs. Finally, you can go on a one-on-one swim through the lagoon with the dolphins for an aquatic adventure of a lifetime.

Spend the rest of the day soaking up the indulgent atmosphere. If you are up for more underwater action, the Grand Reef is yours to explore. At the Reef, you can snorkel among canyons and come up close to the sharp-toothed reef sharks and venomous lionfish safely behind large panoramic windows.

Float on the Tropical River

Just beyond the towering waterfalls is the Free-Flight Aviary that is home to over 250 exotic birds. At the site, you can hand-feed tropical birds as guides educate you about them.

From there, float along the Tropical River or relax in the refreshing waters of the Resort Pool. Wading and swimming adventures await you at the Freshwater Oasis, where you will also come face-to-face with curious marmosets and playful otters.

Both the freshwater area (for relaxing floating fun) and salt water area (for fish viewing) are large enough to accommodate you and your family. These areas offer different memorable experiences for the whole family.

With our Orlando Discovery Cove tour, you do not have to worry about turnstiles or crowds. The aquatic adventures and beautiful beaches are fun and relaxing for the whole family. The day-long trip to the park provides an all-inclusive experience that will leave you with memories to cherish forever.

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