Setting common VIP Disney Tour misconceptions straight.

Disney World is always in a state of flux because they are dedicated to not only providing their guests with the classic attractions that everyone loves, but also for their desire to add new joys to the park on a regular basis. Since every trip includes both old and new favorites, many visitors sign up for a Disney VIP tour that will give them the very best experience possible every time.

Many travelers are unaware of exactly what these private tours entail. In fact, there seems to be certain misconceptions about them, some of which you may have asked yourself. We’d like to set the record straight, so let’s take a look at a few of these VIP Disney tour misconceptions.

Private VIP Tours Are Too Expensive

This is probably the most common misconception about VIP Disney tours. A person looking for an Orlando vacation will see the list of benefits that come with a private tour and they assume that it’s going to cost them thousands of dollars. On the contrary, these tours are competitively priced so they’ll fit into a traveler’s budget and give them a lot of bang for the buck.

VIP Tours Don’t *Really* Save You Time in Line

A huge benefit of a Disney VIP tour is that you can severely reduce the time that you spend in line at rides and other attractions. This is often what prompts people to sign up in the first place, so many think that this is too good to be true. However, private tour guides can definitely help you save a lot of time by knowing which attractions to hit first, which ones would be best as FastPass+ selections, how to quickly get from one place to the next, and other techniques that they’ve learned throughout the years.

Disney Tours Are Better Than Third-Party

Disney World offers its own private tours, so it’s sometimes assumed but those will be better than ones offered by a third-party. The truth, though, is that third-party tours are sanctioned my Disney itself, thereby ensuring that you get the same benefits. Plus, the guides are just as knowledgeable because they spend time at Disney on a regular basis and stay aware of all the happenings at the park. The only difference between the two types of tours is that the third-party version will cost less.

Private Tours Have a Strict Itinerary

When you sign up for a private VIP Disney tour, you have the option of enlisting their help right away to start planning your day’s itinerary. They will help you book Disney hotel reservations, program your FastPasses, and basically help you get ready for your Disney World adventure. However, even though you may plan out an itinerary before or after you arrive that includes which attractions you want to see, where you want to eat, the characters you want to get a photo with, and more, your private VIP tour guide will always remain flexible so that you can alter your plans.

Disney App Navigation Is Just as Good

The My Disney Experience app can be quite helpful because it includes a map of the park, allows you to choose your FastPass selections, and gives you wait times for rides, among a few other features. However, even though the app is helpful, it simply can’t get close to a human guide being by your side. A real person will be more adept at navigating you through the park, locating your favorite characters, asking questions along the way, and several other perks that the app can’t emulate.

Contact World Class VIP for a Disney VIP Tour

The guides at World Class VIP will assist you with reducing time spent in line, finding great places to eat, locating your favorite characters, making hotel reservations, and other conveniences. To receive a private VIP Disney tour quote, reach out to us at (407) 236-1098 to book your tour today!

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