90 Years of Mickey Mouse and no end in sight!

Since Walt Disney’s animators first began developing their brand, the creation of endearing characters became paramount to success. Over the years, hundreds of recognizable characters have been created, consisting of both human and animal creations. But, none have had quite the impact of the mouse that started it all – Mickey Mouse!

Just last year, the world’s most famous rodent celebrated his 90th birthday to a great deal of fanfare and fun. Now that the huge celebration has passed, we thought it’d be a good idea if we delved a bit into Mickey’s history, what 90 years of Mickey Mouse have meant to Disney, and what the future holds.

The Importance of Mickey Mouse

Can you believe that Mickey Mouse has been around for almost a century? Mickey has been a symbol for Disney to the point where the term “Mouse House” has become commonplace. Even though we don’t see any huge feature films or cartoon series with the character these days, 90 years of Mickey Mouse has made him into a symbol for not only Disney but for all cartoons.

Steamboat Willie Started It All

The 90 years of Mickey Mouse that we’ve been enjoying all this time began with a simple cartoon that many people probably don’t understand the significance of these days. Premiering on November 18th, 1928, Steamboat Willie was not only the first cartoon featuring Mickey Mouse, but it was also the first cartoon to utilize synchronized sound.

Last Year’s Worldwide Celebration

In 2018, 90 years of Mickey Mouse prompted a worldwide celebration that included special events at all the Disney Parks, Disney Channel specials, a salute from Disney on Ice, and a whole lot more. The celebration was a huge success and proved that Mickey is an essential part of the Walt Disney mythos, and there is absolutely no end in sight.

Mickey Will Definitely Endure the Ages

The truth is that Mickey Mouse is just the beginning. Despite the creation of hundreds of Disney characters, dozens of which have become famous and popular in their own right, Mickey has become such a symbol of the company as a whole that he will never be dethroned. In a lot of ways, Mickey Mouse IS Disney, and that is a fact that will never be taken away from him or the company.

Making the Most of Disney with a VIP Tour

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Celebrate 90 Years of Mickey Mouse with a World Class VIP Tour

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