Disney World’s largest park is also one of its most popular. From the thrilling Avatar Flight of Passage to the Kilimanjaro Safaris, the Disney Animal Kingdom rides are some of the most exciting vacation experiences in Orlando. If you’re booking an Animal Kingdom Pandora VIP tour, here are our choices for the top 5 rides to include in your day.

Top 5 Animal Kingdom Rides

Avatar Flight of Passage

The newest of the Animal Kingdom rides, fans have called this “Soarin on steroids.” Once you climb aboard the back of a banshee you link to an avatar and fly through Pandora for a simulator experience. This one of a kind attraction that has you feeling the wind in your face and smelling an array of fragrances along the way. It may be screen-based, but it’s a fully immersive experience. Even if you’ve never seen or aren’t a fan of Avatar, you’ll still love this ride. A FastPass is highly recommended, as standing in a full line can result in waiting hours to enter.

Expedition Everest

An impressively fun roller coaster, this Everest-themed ride takes you backwards to encounter a Yeti. Keep in mind there is a minimum height requirement of 44 inches. You can use your FastPass here, but this attraction does tend to have short lines when it first opens in the morning. Many people love riding Expedition Everest at night.

Kilimanjaro Safaris

For those times you want a break from speed, this is one of the slower-paced Animal Kingdom rides, meandering through African landscapes with real animal sightings along the way. What makes this attraction unique is that it’s never experienced the same way twice. Definitely a great choice for families with young children, but adults can also enjoy the beautiful sights and animals.

Na’vi River Journey

No full day enjoying the Animal Kingdom rides would be complete without this beautiful boat ride through Pandora’s wildlife. The stunning Imagineering of glowing plants and exotic animals is capped by the ride’s big star, the Shaman of Songs. Many people consider this Disney’s most lifelike animatronic ever created and it makes the under 5-minute ride well worth your time.

Kali River Rapids

Located in “Asia,” this thrilling water ride is the definitive way to cool down on hot days, as you will most certainly get wet as your raft floats free downstream through rapids and waves! The ride itself is fairly short, but there’s plenty of entertaining information to be learned along the queue. This is one of the most popular Animal Kingdom rides on hot summer days so, if necessary, consider using your FastPass. There is a height restriction of 38 inches.

Experience the Animal Kingdom Rides

With so many Animal Kingdom rides to choose from, it’s a good idea to think ahead and make a list of your not-to-be-missed and would-love-to-experience choices.

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