Disney is known for its wonderful Christmas decorations.

Every year, Disney’s theme parks throughout Orlando celebrate Christmas with incredible events, attractions, food, characters, and decorations that surprise and delight guests with something engaging around every corner. In fact, Disney World wouldn’t quite be the same without looking forward to the holiday. While the events at Disney World get a lot of attention, the impact of Christmas decorations at Disney cannot be understated.

VIP Tours Help Get the Most Out of the Holidays

Visiting Disney World during the holiday is a wonderful way to spend the season, but it’s made even better when you sign up for a private Disney VIP tour. Since there are so many Christmas decorations at Disney that can be found throughout the park, Disney VIP tour guides will take the guesswork out of your trip by helping you skip lines, make Disney hotel reservations, discover the best holiday dining opportunities, and point you in the direction of the greatest Christmas decorations at Disney.

When You Can Expect Christmas Decorations at Disney

Like many places throughout the country, Christmas decorations at Disney start to appear in the parks long before the holiday arrives. If you’re planning to visit soon and are especially interested in seeing all of the decorations, it’s important to know when they’ll be put up throughout the park. To help you out, here is a quick rundown of when you can expect Christmas decorations at Disney to start popping up:

Magic Kingdom

For many guests, Christmas decorations at Disney truly begin with the Magic Kingdom, especially since this is the location of Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. As you might expect, this particular event speeds things along because getting the decorations up is paramount to the celebration. The first Christmas party takes place on November 8th this year, so you can expect the park to be completely decorated by that time.

Hollywood Studios

Attendees are often surprised that Hollywood Studios often precedes the Magic Kingdom in getting their decorations set up. They often believe that this is because the decorations aren’t as immersive, but that’s simply not true. For these Christmas decorations at Disney, everything should be up and running by November 8th as well, though the could be completed prior to that.

Animal Kingdom / Epcot Center

The Animal Kingdom and Epcot areas of the park are typically decorated just after the Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios are finished. The difference here is that if you go a little early in November (prior to the 8th), you may still see decorations in those two areas but could miss those in the Animal Kingdom and Epcot by a few days. So, if they’re important, you may want to wait until after the 8th just to be sure.

Disney Resorts

The Christmas decorations are put up between early November and Thanksgiving, but the resorts aren’t typically decorated at the same time and there’s no set schedule that they follow from year to year. If you’re truly curious, feel free to call your selected resort and ask.

Discover Christmas Decorations at Disney with World Class VIP

Celebrating the Christmas holiday at Disney World is even better when you enlist the help of World Class VIP. Our tour guides can help you find the greatest Christmas decorations at Disney, discover the best hotel for your specific needs, assist you with skipping lines at busy attractions, locate the tastiest dining opportunities at the park, and more. Our team specializes in Disney World VIP tours, Epcot VIP tours, SeaWorld VIP tours, Universal Studios VIP tours, and others. To receive a private VIP Disney tour quote and learn more about the benefits of a private Disney VIP tour, give us a call at (407) 810-9500.

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