What are some of our favorite holiday attractions at Disney World?

It’s Christmas time here at World Class VIP, and we’re ready to show you all the fun Disney Christmas attractions available to you and your family this season. From special light shows to Christmas tree walks, our Disney VIP tour guides will take care of every last detail so you won’t miss out on anything!

1. Cinderella Castle Projections

Come see the flurry of activity surrounding the Cinderella castle! Disney’s installed state-of-the-art technology to project different colors and designs onto the castle; rotating every 15 minutes! Watch as the castle turns different colors and patterns.
One minute it may be a winter sweater, one minute it may be a red, gold, and green Christmas palace! Another minute it may be filled with patterns of festive stripes and dots! It’s definitely something you’re going to want to keep your eye on as you make your way around the park.

2. Minnie’s Wonderful Christmastime Fireworks

If you thought the Castle’s projections were cool, wait until you see the fireworks show later on! Your Disney VIP tour guide will find the best spot possible for you and your family to enjoy the scene. Watch as the Cinderella castle lights up, changes colors, and even seems to move with the rhythm of the music!
Minnie checks in every few minutes, narrating the scene as fireworks light up the sky around the castle. Classic Christmas music floats through the air, and the entire scene evokes feelings of togetherness, family, and a little bit of that Disney magic.

Jingle Cruise

Speaking of Disney magic, the Jingle cruise will transport you on a jungle cruise through different tropical areas in the world! As you make your way through the Amazonian jungle, keep an eye out for campgrounds decorated for Christmas time, and presents scattered along the shore! In the African Savannah, you’ll encounter mischievous rhinoceroses, hippos, and chimpanzees getting into all sorts of trouble! Then, you’ll take a tour through Cambodia – where you’ll encounter a hidden temple, fierce tigers, and of course, more presents.


4. Epcot International Festival of the Holidays Candlelight Processional.

The candlelight processional is a favorite amongst holiday parkgoers, and it does book up . Luckily, here at World Class VIP, we’ll make sure to get you in to this exclusive event. It takes place three times per night, and features celebrity performances retelling the Christmas story.
The Walt Disney Company will also be featuring a staff choir and 50-piece orchestra performing Christmas songs. If you’re into music, this is a show you won’t want to miss!

5. Living With The Land Merry & Bright Nights

Living with the Land is a fantastic boat ride that takes you on a tour through various greenhouses and educates on the importance of conservation. At Christmastime, this Disney Christmas attraction gets completely decked out for the holidays. Festive strings of lights hang from branch to branch, and Christmas displays are staggered along the boat route. For anyone who likes to drive around and see Christmas lights, this will be a perfect addition to your Disney VIP tour.


6. Sunset Season’s Greetings

Over in Hollywood Studios, the Walt Disney Company has been busy preparing for the holidays, too. When the sun goes down, the Christmas lights come to life as music fills the air. Make sure you don’t miss the projection show on the Hollywood Tower Hotel!
Watch as characters such as Olaf, Mickey, the Muppets, and the toys from Toy Story appear to be walking around on the building. You will hear them share their favorite Christmas stories as the lights move to the beat of the music. Its bright colors and dazzling displays, are sure to be a hit with children and adults alike.

7. Merry Menagerie

In the Animal Kingdom, make sure you don’t miss the Merry Menagerie on Discovery Island! This is one of our favorite Disney Christmas attractions. Artisans created detailed, life-size animals that puppeteers operate as they stroll through the park.
As you watch the animals move, you will forget that there is even a person operating them, as their movements are so natural. Watch as the adorable animals walk, jump, and fly in the air. Musicians can also be found wandering about, putting the finishing touch on the festive atmosphere.


8. Discovery Island Luminaries

The same artisans made the puppets hand-crafted decorations and bright, colorful luminaries on the store rooftops. As magical as the puppets themselves, the lanterns themselves are crafted in the same style as the puppets, with a wire frame encased in white fabric, and with blue and gold designs painted on.
At night, they light up and transform into brilliant, glowing winter animals, sitting on the rooftops to greet customers and passers-by. What’s more, your Disney VIP tour guide will be able to help you spot any kind of animal you’re looking for, whether it’s an adorable squirrel or beautiful bird.


9. Tree of Life Holiday Awakenings

This one is definitely a show that you won’t want to miss. The light projections on the tree are as beautiful as they are entertaining, and feature animated animals climbing, running, and jumping through gorgeous forest scenes. All this is set to a heartwarming musical soundtrack. You’ll be able to watch as foxes, rabbits, and polar bears tell a magical winter story all their own.

10. Disney Springs Christmas Tree Stroll

The Christmas Tree Stroll is one of our favorite Disney Christmas attractions. The Walt Disney Company placed beautifully-decorated Christmas trees around every corner, and dedicated each one to a different character theme! One is dedicated to Tangled, one is decorated with Muppets characters, and another is dedicated to Mickey and Minnie! Come check out the sparkling displays and enjoy festive music, holiday carolers, Santa Claus, a magical snowfall, and plenty of photo ops!

Check Out Our Favorite Disney Christmas Attractions With World Class VIP!

With our Disney VIP tour guides, you will be guaranteed to have a good time. They will take care of all the little details for you, and point out some of the best (and lesser-known) Christmas time features at Disney! Call (407) 270-3784 to book your tour today!
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